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    • Challenge inoculations to test for Dutch elm disease tolerance: A summary of methods used by various researchers 

      Haugen, Linda M.; Beier, Garrett L.; Bentz, Susan E.; Guries, Raymond P.; Slavicek, James M. (Proceedings of the American Elm Restoration Workshop 2016, 2017)
      A variety of methods have been used by different research groups to "challenge" inoculate American elms (Ulmus americana) with the purpose of determining whether some clones may be resistant to the Dutch elm disease fungus. ...
    • Effects of inoculation timing on symptom development in Ulmus americana L. 

      Beier, Garrett L.; Held, Benjamin W.; Giblin, Chad P.; Blanchette, Robert A. (Proceedings of the American Elm Restoration Workshop 2016, 2017)
      Field inoculation trials are an important component of screening American elms (Ulmus americana) for levels of resistance to Dutch elm disease. A major concern in screening is variability in disease ratings from year to ...