The Student Project Showcase was held on April 20th, 2018 from noon to 4pm in the Center for Global Advanced Manufacturing (CGAM) on the ground floor of Donovan Hall. The Showcase featured over 70 projects from a variety of disciplines and programs.

Recent Submissions

  • Effect of HXT2 on Oxidative Stress in Saccharomyces cerevisia 

    Alfoso, Stephanie; Endres, Lauren; advisor (2018-04-20)
    Understanding the oxidative stress response of eukaryotic cells in relationship to reactive oxygen species (ROS) can open up many doors to understanding, and thus possibly curing, diseases caused by exposure to ROS such ...
  • Design Culture, Immersion, and Viso-Spatial Learning: Enhancing Transfer of Training 

    Zeina, Elias; Peterson, David II; Edgell, Robert; advisor; Berardino, Lisa; advisor; Olney, Jeffrey; advisor (2018-04-20)
    Scholars have long identified transfer of training as an important component in the model of training and development. In this research, we explore qualitative results from a series of educational initiatives that use ...
  • Optimization of the Growth of Graphene on Cu Foil Substrates by Chemical Vapor Deposition 

    Laveti, Siddarth; Hotalen, Jodi; Ventrice, Carl A., Jr (2018-04-20)
    The most common method for producing large area graphene films is by performing chemical vapor deposition on Cu foil substrates. The reason for using Cu as a substrate is that it has a very low solubility for C at the ...
  • Underground Greens 

    Carambia, Christina; Boylan, Kristina; advisor (2018-04-20)
    A startup farm business, Underground Greens, owned by SUNY Poly student Christina Carambia offers a series of workshops in the local community, including a beginner's guide to starting your own seedlings. A specific ...
  • Managing Private Information through Use of A Blockchain Network 

    Clark, Casey; Marsh, John; advisor (2018-04-20)
    Has the success of Bitcoin overshadowed uses for the revolutionary system that made it successful?
  • Risk Evaluation for Campus Area Network 

    Bhoite, Akshay S.; Basnet, Diwash; Kholidy, Hisham (2018-04-20)
    The development of a risk evaluation model for the campus area network allows it to cover the entire life-cycle of vulnerability assessment by simulating a virtual network as a campus area network.
  • Lighting Up the Nano! 

    Robles, Rose D.; Matt, Katie; advisor; Prest, Melissa; mentor (2018-04-20)
    Creating a value added reseller company based on our business plan will light up the Nano by capitalizing on negotiated manufacturer marketing contributions to attract investments of potentially hundreds of thousands of ...
  • Traumatic Events in School-aged Children: Real and Perceived 

    Hohall, Dawna; Puff, Lori; advisor (2018-04-20)
    Presenting what is and what causes trauma in school-aged children, the signs & symptoms of children suffering from trauma, and how to assist the child suffering from trauma.
  • Etsy: Reimagining and Crafting Innovation 

    Irizarry, Jenna; Berardino, Lisa; advisor (2018-04-20)
    This project is a case analysis on Etsy Inc. Problem analysis shows that Etsy is faced with diverse challenges that could negatively effect the company and its operations. The case analysis includes a complete industry and ...
  • Deception Technology: A Method to Reduce the Attack Exposure Time of a SCADA System 

    Arshad, Mohammed; Patel, Tirth; Kholidy, Hisham; advisor (2018-04-20)
    Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems in renewable power system networks can potentially mean greater susceptibility to malicious attackers. SCADA systems have inherent cyber vulnerabilities as these ...
  • Retinal Segmentation 

    Addanki, Niranjan (2018-04-20)
    For convolutional neural networks for retinal vessel segmentation and classification, we classify arteries and veins in the retina of the eye. The long term goal is to support ophthalmologists to detect early stages of ...
  • Program for 2018 Student Project Showcase 

    Hewitt, Rebecca; Pritting, Shannon; Parker, Jennifer; Volo, Kevin (2018-04-20)
    This program contains the entries for all students who submitted projects to be entered in the Showcase, including the team member names and the abstracts for the projects.