Recent Submissions

  • One Bad Experience 

    Seller, Madeline (2015)
    Madeline Seller's short story narrates the experience of a transfer student and how she overcomes a negative tutoring session.
  • Dear Tutor 

    Bisso, Lisa (2015)
    Lisa Bisso's poems are a dialogue between a freshman and an experienced tutor. The tutor reaches out to the freshman to describe why tutoring is important.
  • Humans of the Learning Center 

    Taylor, Melanie (2015)
    Melanie Taylor has created an Instagram page about the tutors who work in the Claude J. Clark Learning Center. Click on the link below to check it out:</p> <p><a>
  • The New Learning Center Memes 

    Soriano, Juan (2015)
    Juan Soriano has created a new series of memes about the Learning Center.
  • Two Monologues on Grammar 

    Moore, Nick (2015)
    Nick Moore graduated from SUNY Plattsburgh in the spring of 2015. Nick is interested in ESL and writing tutoring. In these two poems, he focuses on grammar as a meaning making system, but his real passion is for creative writing.
  • Tutors 

    Smith, Carolyn (2015)
    Carolyn Smith's short story is from the perspective of an anxious student who has her first tutoring session.