Tutors was a journal of student work about tutoring in the student's preferred mode or genre of expression, published between 2014 and 2016.

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  • Writing Center Meme Mania 

    Allen, Patrick; Deligiannidis, Sofia; Farkas, Zoe; Myrin, Emily (2016)
  • The Writing Center: A Meme-Guided Essay 

    Schaad, Emily; Scolaro, Emily; Lindstrom, Kendall (2016)
  • The Writing Center: A Chronicle 

    Cannon, Drew; Lowery, Bobby; Roach, Jen; Woodworth, Maggie (2016)
  • The Writing Tutor Identity 

    Panganiban, Roselle (2016)
  • Meme Essay 

    Simon, Jasper; Whealdon, Jordan; McGuinness, Miles; Thomas, Dan (2016)
  • One Bad Experience 

    Seller, Madeline (2015)
    Madeline Seller's short story narrates the experience of a transfer student and how she overcomes a negative tutoring session.
  • Dear Tutor 

    Bisso, Lisa (2015)
    Lisa Bisso's poems are a dialogue between a freshman and an experienced tutor. The tutor reaches out to the freshman to describe why tutoring is important.
  • Humans of the Learning Center 

    Taylor, Melanie (2015)
    Melanie Taylor has created an Instagram page about the tutors who work in the Claude J. Clark Learning Center. Click on the link below to check it out:</p> <p><a> https://instagram.com/humansofpsulearncentr/
  • The New Learning Center Memes 

    Soriano, Juan (2015)
    Juan Soriano has created a new series of memes about the Learning Center.
  • Two Monologues on Grammar 

    Moore, Nick (2015)
    Nick Moore graduated from SUNY Plattsburgh in the spring of 2015. Nick is interested in ESL and writing tutoring. In these two poems, he focuses on grammar as a meaning making system, but his real passion is for creative writing.
  • Tutors 

    Smith, Carolyn (2015)
    Carolyn Smith's short story is from the perspective of an anxious student who has her first tutoring session.
  • Tutoring Podcast 

    Martinez, Jonathon (2014-09)
    SUNY Plattsburgh's Jonathon Martinez sits down with Tom Halford to chat about writing tutoring. Martinez talks about learning to speak English fluently as a child, and he explains why he wanted to become a writing tutor.
  • How to Get Off Topic and Still Save Your Essay in One Tutoring Session or Less 

    Squires, Allison (2014)
    SUNY Plattsburgh's Allison Squires argues that it is alright to take a break during a tutoring sessions and to talk about AMC's The Walking Dead.
  • Avoid the Awkward Silence: Tips for Creating Conversation and Getting Students Involved in Tutoring Sessions 

    Haden, Jennifer (2014)
    Jennifer L. Haden has been a writing mentor at the University of California at San Diego for three years. Haden provides three astute tips for writing tutors to help create a comfortable tutoring session.
  • Karma-Yoga and Non-attachment to the of Fruits of Work: Tutoring in the University Writing Center 

    Smith, Marin (2014-09)
    Marin Smith is a graduate student in the Department of English at California State Polytechnic University San Luis Obispo. Her interest in Eastern religious philosophy began while she was teaching English in Kathmandu, ...
  • Making Tacos, Saving Grades 

    Reichenbach, Blake (2014-09)
    Blake Reichenbach is a writing consultant at Bellarmine University's Writing Center. He delivers a witty monologue about the connections between working at a trendy Mexican restaurant and consulting a fellow student during ...
  • Multiliteracy Memes 

    Bell, Kyle (2014-09)
    Kyle Bell graduated from the State University of New York College at Plattsburgh in the spring of 2014. He has embarked on an accelerated B.A./M.A. TESOL from Stony Brook University. In "Multiliteracy Memes," Bell uses ...