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    • Have Brain, Will Think 

      Cahoon, Michaela (2015)
      Michaela Cahoon writes about one multi-talented Renaissance teacher who inspired students writing in 7th grade, 12th grade, and in A.P. Literature.
    • Grammar Makes Me Break Out-poem 

      Martin, Tiffany (2015)
      Tiffany Martin gives us the ultimate grammar lesson, from tears to cheers.
    • Flip of the Switch 

      Tessitore, Taylor (2015)
      Taylor Tessitore had a bumpy ride in 10th and 11th grades, both years different in style but similarly disappointing. But in a happy ending, she found a 12th grade teacher/mentor who jump-started her on the road to creative ...
    • Writing To Free Ourselves 

      Taylor, Melanie (2015)
      Melanie Taylor discovered her best teacher and her own talent for writing in 11th grade but also credits a remarkable 5th grade teacher for giving her the skills and confidence to immerse herself in writing from an early age.
    • The Zone-poem 

      Kelly, Emma (2015)
      Emma Kelly offers a look at what she needs to get into her writing zone
    • The Myers Experience 

      Kelly, Emma (2015)
      Emma Kelly found her inspiration in 7th grade with a teacher who gave her artful direction and skills that took her through to college.