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    • Feature: Lumber Jills 

      Brasil, Marcela; Burek, Chris; Danehey, Maura (2013)
      Marcela, Chris and Maura created a feature about the Lumber Jills, Plattsburgh's roller derby team.
    • Feature: Music Without Instruments: Minor Adjustments 

      St. Pierre, Adam; Truong, Wendy; Barnofsky, Eve (2015)
      In their feature project, St. Pierre, Truong and Barnofsky told the story of Minor Adjustments, a SUNY Plattsburgh a cappella group, and the singing competition they sponsored.
    • Feature: Once Upon a Book 

      Temple, Adonys; Thorsey, Kayla; Trafton, Kayla (2016)
      Temple, Thorsey and Traften used their feature project to introduce the viewer to a new downtown bookstore, Once Upon a Book.
    • Feature: Plattsburgh Brewing Company 

      Cruz, Sadie; Kelly, Taeko (2014)
      Sadie and Taeko's final project promotes Plattsburgh Brewing company with interviews in the local business.
    • Feature: Qigong 

      Blow, Stanley; Alexander, Ruthann (2012)
      Stanley and Ruthann used their feature project to learn about Qi-Gong, the martial art/dance exercise.
    • Feature: Sea Lamprey 

      Lorenzo, Damian; Weber, Nicole (2011)
      In their feature Damian and Nicole examined Lake Champlain sea lamprey problem.
    • Feature: Tattoos 

      Dufresne, Lara; Wood, Garrett (2012)
      Lara and Garrett examined the art and practice of tattoos.
    • Feature: TBI Center 

      Green, John; Hamilton, Matt; Hart, Chris (2012)
      In their feature John, Matt and Chris profiled the Traumatic Brain Injury Center at SUNY Plattsburgh.
    • Feature: Ted K Center 

      Mastronardo, John; Novick, Zach (2014)
      John and Zach featured the Ted K Center at the Plattsburgh Housing Authority in their final project.
    • Feature: The Threads of Time 

      Gregoire, Emily; Johnston, Amanda (2015)
      In their feature project, Emily Gregoire and Amanda Johnston visited Rescued Treasures, a thrift shop that supports a local animal shelter.
    • Feature: The Uke-a-Dooks 

      Elsbree, Jacob; Espejo, Kyle (2016)
      Elsbree and Espejo used their feature project to take a look at the Uke-a-Dooks, the SUNY Plattsburgh student ukulele club.
    • Feature: When in Doubt, Dance it Out 

      Griffin, Antonea; Tapio, Jacob (2015)
      In their feature project, Antonea Griffin and Jacob Tapio look at the SUNY Plattsburgh Dance Corps, a popular campus club.
    • In Profile: Abi Holder 

      Hinchcliffe, Jacqueline; Griswould, Shakeva (2016)
      Hinchcliffe and Griswould profiled student Abi Holder, examining her busy college career, in which she balances nursing and photography majors.
    • In Profile: Leanna Thalmann, Botany Club Treasurer 

      Schmidt, Laura; Valentin, Kristina (2016)
      Schmidt and Valentin used their profile project to learn about student Leanna Thalmann and the Botany Club, in which she is an officer.
    • In Profile: Matthew Santiago AKA Akuma 

      Peralta, John; Lewandowski, Sage (2017)
      John Peralta and Sage Lewandowski interviewed aspiring rap star and SUNY Plattsburgh student Matthew Santiago, also known as Akuma.
    • In Profile: Nate Kennedy, Cofounder of Northern New York Junior BassMasters 

      Shea, Jessica; Sarlous, Michelle (2015)
      Jessica Shea and Michelle Sarlous profiled SUNY Plattsburgh student Nate Kennedy, speaking with him about creating the Northern New York Junior BassMasters, a club that encourages young people to take up fishing and ...
    • In Profile: Pete Conroy, Opening Your Eyes with Travel 

      St. Pierre, Adam; Truong, Wendy; Barnofsky, Eve (2015)
      St. Pierre, Truong and Barnofsky profiled Vietnam War veteran Pete Conroy, examining his experiences returning to Vietnam in recent years. This off-campus piece looks at the way travel changes perspective.
    • In Profile: Rhonda Dergham, A Woman in Charge 

      Cipriano, Angie; Breyette, Julian (2015)
      Angie Cipriano and Julian Breyette profiled Rhonda Dergham, a Plattsburgh businesswoman who immigrated from Lebanon, speaking with her about her transition to the North Country and her life here.
    • Profile: Reframing Leadership with Jake Goldblum 

      Cruz, Sadie (2014)
      Sadie and Taeko profiled a SUNY Plattsburgh student who has turned his leadership training and experience into a business.
    • Shine On! Shine True! 

      LaPlante, Hannah; Burroughs, Imani (2017)
      In their feature project, Hannah LaPlante and Imani Burroughs examined the Shine On! Program for young girls, which is organized and run by public relations students under the supervision of Associate Professor Colleen Lemza.