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    • Feature: 7th Annual Plattsburgh Half Marathon 

      Kelly, Brendan; Mashtare, Kody; Ruland, Tim (2016)
      In their feature project, Kelly, Mashtare and Ruland report on the 2016 run and its fundraising efforts.
    • Feature: Bluegrass Club 

      Strahl, Katrina (2014)
      Katrina and Seth created a promotional video for the SUNY Plattsburgh Bluegrass Club.
    • Feature: Champlain Valley Transportation Museum 

      Seth, Thomas; Amanda, Velez (2013)
      Seth and Amanda created a promotional/explanatory piece about the Champlain Valley Transportation Museum.
    • Feature: DoNorth Takes Flight 

      Sostre, Safire; Vera, Nicole (2015)
      In their feature project, Safire Sostre and Nicole Vera took a close look at DoNorth, a student-run magazine.
    • Feature: Hard Hattians 

      Grove, Dave; Hoefer, Fred; Trela, Marisa (2013)
      Dave, Fred and Marisa profiled the Hard Hattians, a SUNY Plattsburgh group that supports Cardinal hockey.
    • Feature: International Education Week 

      Watts, Adrienne; Backus, Cassidy; Veitch, Flora (2014)
      For their final project, Adrienne, Cassidy and Flora reported on International Week at SUNY Plattsburgh, covering a variety of events and conducting interviews.
    • Feature: Lumber Jills 

      Brasil, Marcela; Burek, Chris; Danehey, Maura (2013)
      Marcela, Chris and Maura created a feature about the Lumber Jills, Plattsburgh's roller derby team.
    • Feature: Music Without Instruments: Minor Adjustments 

      St. Pierre, Adam; Truong, Wendy; Barnofsky, Eve (2015)
      In their feature project, St. Pierre, Truong and Barnofsky told the story of Minor Adjustments, a SUNY Plattsburgh a cappella group, and the singing competition they sponsored.
    • Feature: Once Upon a Book 

      Temple, Adonys; Thorsey, Kayla; Trafton, Kayla (2016)
      Temple, Thorsey and Traften used their feature project to introduce the viewer to a new downtown bookstore, Once Upon a Book.
    • Feature: Plattsburgh Brewing Company 

      Cruz, Sadie; Kelly, Taeko (2014)
      Sadie and Taeko's final project promotes Plattsburgh Brewing company with interviews in the local business.
    • Feature: Qigong 

      Blow, Stanley; Alexander, Ruthann (2012)
      Stanley and Ruthann used their feature project to learn about Qi-Gong, the martial art/dance exercise.
    • Feature: Sea Lamprey 

      Lorenzo, Damian; Weber, Nicole (2011)
      In their feature Damian and Nicole examined Lake Champlain sea lamprey problem.
    • Feature: Tattoos 

      Dufresne, Lara; Wood, Garrett (2012)
      Lara and Garrett examined the art and practice of tattoos.
    • Feature: TBI Center 

      Green, John; Hamilton, Matt; Hart, Chris (2012)
      In their feature John, Matt and Chris profiled the Traumatic Brain Injury Center at SUNY Plattsburgh.
    • Feature: Ted K Center 

      Mastronardo, John; Novick, Zach (2014)
      John and Zach featured the Ted K Center at the Plattsburgh Housing Authority in their final project.
    • Feature: The Threads of Time 

      Gregoire, Emily; Johnston, Amanda (2015)
      In their feature project, Emily Gregoire and Amanda Johnston visited Rescued Treasures, a thrift shop that supports a local animal shelter.
    • Feature: The Uke-a-Dooks 

      Elsbree, Jacob; Espejo, Kyle (2016)
      Elsbree and Espejo used their feature project to take a look at the Uke-a-Dooks, the SUNY Plattsburgh student ukulele club.
    • Feature: When in Doubt, Dance it Out 

      Griffin, Antonea; Tapio, Jacob (2015)
      In their feature project, Antonea Griffin and Jacob Tapio look at the SUNY Plattsburgh Dance Corps, a popular campus club.
    • In Profile: Abi Holder 

      Hinchcliffe, Jacqueline; Griswould, Shakeva (2016)
      Hinchcliffe and Griswould profiled student Abi Holder, examining her busy college career, in which she balances nursing and photography majors.
    • In Profile: Leanna Thalmann, Botany Club Treasurer 

      Schmidt, Laura; Valentin, Kristina (2016)
      Schmidt and Valentin used their profile project to learn about student Leanna Thalmann and the Botany Club, in which she is an officer.