The Skopp Prize is given in recognition of excellence in scholarly and artistic creations dealing with ideas and issues surrounding the Holocaust. Students are invited to submit original essays, historical analyses, stories, poems, musical and dance compositions, video productions, theater works and visual arts creations exploring and expressing their own personal relationship to or reflections on the Holocaust. The award ceremony typically is scheduled in conjunction with SUNY Plattsburgh’s annual Holocaust commemoration, Days of Remembrance, held in the Douglas and Evelyne Skopp Holocaust Memorial Gallery in Feinberg Library. Award winners perform or present their original creations during the observance.

Recent Submissions

  • The Human Heart 

    Maher, Kailey (2019-04-30)
    Albert Einstein once wrote, “The world is too dangerous to live in – not because of the people who do evil, but because of the people who sit and let it happen.” We are all merely human, but where the fight lies is trying ...
  • Tainted Lives 

    Kiroy, Nicholas (2018)
    The work describes in a 20-line standard stanza the lives of six individuals who were affected in some way by the holocaust. I tried not to just define each character by their status and circumstances, but also by a dominant ...
  • Mannequin Renewal 

    Suphan, Jessica (2018)
    In a small, sheltered home of modern day United States, an older man named Josef paints those slaughtered in the Holocaust on mannequins. But his solitary passion is interrupted by a high schooler named Lydia; she bursts ...
  • Paragraph 175 

    Suphan, Jessica (2017)
    Rationale: No one wants to talk about LGBT+ history. As if we didn't exist outside the AIDS crisis and our suffering in the Holocaust is just the word "homosexual" in the list of those who were wronged, easily skipped over. ...
  • Hide 

    Squires, Allison (2016)
    Synopsis: Based on fact. In 1942, Amsterdam begins to feel the clutch of German Nazi reign. Miep Gies, recently married and working as a secretary, must make the choice between values and security to save the family of her ...
  • The Man I Never Knew 

    Cohen, Alice (2015)
    The atrocities of the Holocaust have left many without grandparents, husbands and wives, sons and daughters; generations were wiped out, cutting family trees short and memories to never be made. This poem is in honor of ...
  • Sonnets for Remembrance 

    Stone, Jennifer (2011)
  • Organized Chaos 

    Mathers, Cara-Jean (2011)
    When Dr. Schaefer first introduced the Skopp Project in class I was immediately interested because of my family's connection with World War II. Most of the men on my mother's side including my grandfather who fought on the ...
  • The Sins of the Father: Generational Conflict, Vergangeheitsbewältigung, and the Creation of a Militant Generation 

    Angilleta, Umberto (2013)
    This research paper has developed in conjunction with my academic development. I first became acquainted with the topic of vergangenheitsbewaltigung during my freshman year at SUNY Plattsburgh. Since then, I have done much ...
  • A Granddaughter's Onus 

    Katz, Deborah (2013)
    All four of my grandparents were touched by the events of the Holocaust. Every family origin story told to me either began or ended with this event. Today, as the generation that was directly affected by the Holocaust ...