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    • Plattsburgh Air Force Base 

      McAdams, Colleen; Guerrier, Danielle (206)
    • Threading The Needles of South Dakota and Storming Devils Tower of Wyoming 

      Commanda, Brandon (2010)
      For some time now it has only been a dream of mine to travel across the country to climb the classics and the natural wonders of America. For this expedition, that could rightfully be called an American safari, my team ...
    • Sea Kayaking North Carolina's Outer Banks 

      Waring, Allison; Dahlquist, Kari (2010)
      EXP 436: Senior Expedition may appear at first glance to be just one of the many courses listed on an expeditionary studies student's Curriculum Advising & Program Planning (CAPP) Report. However, an expeditionary studies ...
    • Feature: Sea Lamprey 

      Lorenzo, Damian; Weber, Nicole (2011)
      In their feature Damian and Nicole examined Lake Champlain sea lamprey problem.
    • Organized Chaos 

      Mathers, Cara-Jean (2011)
      When Dr. Schaefer first introduced the Skopp Project in class I was immediately interested because of my family's connection with World War II. Most of the men on my mother's side including my grandfather who fought on the ...
    • Sonnets for Remembrance 

      Stone, Jennifer (2011)
    • Feature: TBI Center 

      Green, John; Hamilton, Matt; Hart, Chris (2012)
      In their feature John, Matt and Chris profiled the Traumatic Brain Injury Center at SUNY Plattsburgh.
    • Feature: Tattoos 

      Dufresne, Lara; Wood, Garrett (2012)
      Lara and Garrett examined the art and practice of tattoos.
    • Vox Pop: Coffee 

      Dufresne, Lara; Wood, Garrett (2012)
      In this vox pop, Lara and Garrett talk with patrons at the Koffee Kat about their love of coffee.
    • Feature: Qigong 

      Blow, Stanley; Alexander, Ruthann (2012)
      Stanley and Ruthann used their feature project to learn about Qi-Gong, the martial art/dance exercise.
    • The Mekong River: An Expedition Proposal 

      Cooper, Garrett (2012)
    • A Circumnavigation of Isla de la Guarda 

      Goldfinger, Gary (2012)
      The senior expedition is our final capstone of the Expeditionary Studies program at SUNY Plattsburgh. This is basically what we have been training for during our university career. Since being a student here, I have seen ...
    • The Sierra: Discovering the Backcountry 

      Soroka, Tova (2012)
      In recent years I have rediscovered my own passion for skiing. After overcoming multiple injuries that have kept me out of the backcountry it is finally my time to explore. For the last few years of my life I have been ...
    • Climbing Expedition: The Wind River Range and Grand Teton National Park 

      Madia, Keith (2012)
      This is a proposal for a rock climbing expedition in the Wind River Mountains and Grand Teton National Park. The Wind River Range is located south of the Tetons in Wyoming. Although these two areas are geographically close ...
    • Vox Pop: Textbooks 

      Ayala, Alex (2012)
      In this vox pop, Alex asks students what they think about textbook use on campus.
    • Feature: Champlain Valley Transportation Museum 

      Seth, Thomas; Amanda, Velez (2013)
      Seth and Amanda created a promotional/explanatory piece about the Champlain Valley Transportation Museum.
    • Feature: Hard Hattians 

      Grove, Dave; Hoefer, Fred; Trela, Marisa (2013)
      Dave, Fred and Marisa profiled the Hard Hattians, a SUNY Plattsburgh group that supports Cardinal hockey.
    • Feature: Lumber Jills 

      Brasil, Marcela; Burek, Chris; Danehey, Maura (2013)
      Marcela, Chris and Maura created a feature about the Lumber Jills, Plattsburgh's roller derby team.
    • Sawtooth 2013: An Expedition into the Idaho Wilderness 

      Davidson, Cedar; Mossey, Andy (2013)
      This proposal will give you a detailed understanding of my planned expedition to the Sawtooth wilderness in March of 2013. Within these pages you will find a brief history of the area, some geological background, a glimpse ...