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    • Feature: The Uke-a-Dooks 

      Elsbree, Jacob; Espejo, Kyle (2016)
      Elsbree and Espejo used their feature project to take a look at the Uke-a-Dooks, the SUNY Plattsburgh student ukulele club.
    • In Profile: Abi Holder 

      Hinchcliffe, Jacqueline; Griswould, Shakeva (2016)
      Hinchcliffe and Griswould profiled student Abi Holder, examining her busy college career, in which she balances nursing and photography majors.
    • In Profile: Leanna Thalmann, Botany Club Treasurer 

      Schmidt, Laura; Valentin, Kristina (2016)
      Schmidt and Valentin used their profile project to learn about student Leanna Thalmann and the Botany Club, in which she is an officer.