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    • Natural History Interpretation of Rugar Woods 

      Gray, Stephanie; Krech, Jennifer; Domenico, Joshua (2019-05)
      Rugar Woods Interpretive Nature Trail is a <1mile loop in the woods behind the SUNY Plattsburgh fieldhouse. The trail meanders along a stream and provides natural history learning opportunities in the form of 23 interpretive ...
    • Nearshore Fish Community Analysis On Northwestern Lake Champlain 

      Reyes, Alejandro; Smith, Caleb; Maynard, George; Snavely, Eric; Garneau, Danielle (Scientia Discipulorum: SUNY Plattsburgh, 2013)
      Community surveys are necessary sources of information needed to properly manage fisheries. These surveys detail important historical data concerning past fish assemblages and the previous status of recreational game fish. ...
    • Neurological Predictors of Persistent Versus Recovered Developmental Stuttering 

      McGrattan, James (2016)
      Developmental stuttering affects ~5% of preschool-aged children. While stuttering disappears in the majority of these children within 3 years after onset, it persists into adulthood in 1% of children. Determining anatomical ...
    • "A new Champion in the Ranks of Freedom": Vermont's Whigs React to the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 

      Begin, Amanda (2016-04-30)
      Vermont abolitionist and anti-slavery Whig newspapers in 1851 contain many articles denouncing the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850. Through an analysis of Vermont abolitionist newspapers, this paper will trace the several main ...
    • The New Learning Center Memes 

      Soriano, Juan (2015)
      Juan Soriano has created a new series of memes about the Learning Center.
    • A New Parameterization for Ford Circles 

      McGonagle, Annmarie (Scientia Discipulorum: SUNY Plattsburgh, 2011)
      Lester Ford introduced Ford circles in 1938 in order to geometrically understand the approximation of an irrational number by rational numbers. We shall construct Ford circles by a recursive geometric procedure. The Ford ...
    • A New Parameterization of Ford Circles 

      Northshield, Sam; McGonagle, Annmarie (Pi Mu Epsilon Journal, 2014)
      Lester Ford introduced Ford Circles in 1938 in order to geometrically understand the approximation of an irrational number by rational numbers. We shall construct Ford circles by a recursive geometric procedure and by a ...
    • Nitrogen Cycling and Dynamics in Upland Managed and Preserved Watersheds of the Adirondack Mountains, New York 

      Stall, Christopher; Fuller, Robert; Mihuc, Timothy; Jones, Jeffry; Woodcock, Thomas (Scientia Discipulorum: SUNY Plattsburgh, 2008)
      This study investigated nitrogen cycling differences between management systems in the Adirondacks. The definition of managed site was that there had been active logging within the past twenty-five years and the sites fit ...
    • Non-invasive Monitoring of Nest Boxes 

      Johnson, Kaylee; Garneau, Danielle (2020-05-05)
      Nest boxes are an important wildlife management tool which have proven successful in long-term recoveries of waterfowl and other species. Previous studies have shown that flying sqquirrels (Glaucomys sabrinus and G. volans) ...
    • Not mixing is just as cool 

      Northshield, Sam (Mathematics Magazine, 2007)
      Newton's law of cooling, a staple of the Calculus curriculum, is an empirical law not meant for mathematical proof. However, we show it is mathematically equivalent to the intuitively appealing principle that the average ...
    • A note on the Zeta Function of a Graph 

      Northshield, Sam (Journal of Combinatorial Theory Series B, 1998)
      The number of splanning trees in a finite graph is first expressed as the derivative (at 1) of a determinant and then in terms of a zeta function. This generalizes a result of Hashimoto to non-regular graphs.
    • The Obligation to Support the Widow: Settlement, the New Poor Law and the Scottish Local State 

      Gordon, Wendy M. (Journal of Scottish Historical Studies, 2015-05)
      Although the New Poor Law was passed by the Westminster Parliament, it was implemented at the most-local level through newly established parochial boards. By tracing the case of a Paisley widow in need of poor relief through ...
    • Observing white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus) behavior in Northwestern Vermont Using Trail Cameras 

      Cole, Brittany (2016)
      Trail cameras are an increasingly popular and reliable non-invasive technique in wildlife ecology surveys. They have proven to be reliable, cost-efficient, and critical tools for gaining understanding of common and elusive ...
    • On integral Apollonian circle packings 

      Northshield, Sam (Journal of Number Theory, 2006)
      The curvatures of four mutually tangent circles with disjoint interior form what is called a Descartes quadruple. The four smallest curvatures of circles in an Apollonian circle packing form what is called a root Descartes ...
    • On Iterates of Moebius transformations on fields 

      Northshield, Sam (Mathematics of Computation, 1997)
      Let p be a quadratic polynomial over a splitting field K, and S be the set of zeros of p. We define an associative and commutative binary relation on G ≡ K ∪ {∞ } -S so that every Moebius transformation with fixed point ...
    • On Stern's Diatomic Sequence 0,1,1,2,1,3,2,3,1,4,... 

      Northshield, Sam (American Mathematical Monthly, 2010)
      We investigate several of the many interesting properties of the title sequence. In particular, we focus on the combinatorics of the sequence (e.g., what the numbers count), some parallels with the Fibonacci sequence, some ...
    • On the Commute Time of Random Walks on Graphs 

      Northshield, Sam; Palacios, Jose Luis (Brazilian Journal of Probability and Statistics, 1995)
      Given a simple random walk on an undirected connected graph, the commute time of the vertices x and y is defined as C(x,y) = ExTy+EyTx. We give a new proof, based on the optional sampling theorem for martingales, of the ...
    • On the spectrum and Martin boundary of homogeneous spaces 

      Northshield, Sam (Statistics and Probability Letters, 1995)
      Given a conservative, spatially homogeneous Markov process X on an homogeneous spaces χ, we show that if the bottom of the spectrum of the generator of X is zero then the Martin boundary of contains a unique point fixed ...
    • On two types of exotic addition 

      Northshield, Sam (Aequationes Mathematicae, 2009)
      We classify, under reasonable assumptions, all differentiable functions f for which the 'secant method' [xf(y)- yf(x)]/[f(y)- f(x)] is continuous and associative. Further, we classify all differentiable functions for which ...
    • One Bad Experience 

      Seller, Madeline (2015)
      Madeline Seller's short story narrates the experience of a transfer student and how she overcomes a negative tutoring session.