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  • Drift 

    Epstein, Dani (2018-05)
    By altering the form and function of traditional objects, I create a looser interpretation of familiar forms. The resulting objects propose to shift and change with the user’s needs; this constant engagement is meant to ...
  • The farming chronicles: a guide to agriculture and your food 

    Falco, Victoria (2018-05)
    Food is fundamental for survival. It is important for us to be conscious of the choices that we make on what is consumed. The Farming Chronicles is an education workbook that was created for children to talk about what ...
  • Nudes: recontextualizing the female nude in contemporary art 

    Monsour, Leah (2018-05)
    In this paper I will discuss my photographic project titled “Nudes”; the research that lead to its conception, and the process in its various iterations. This project is a visual response to the male gaze. How we are trained ...