The Student Project Showcase is an annual event featuring applied learning and projects at SUNY Polytechnic Institute. Students present posters or demonstrations of their work, and are judged by Faculty. A variety of activities such as capstone projects, academic competitions, service-based initiatives, course assignments, conference presentations, and anything that demonstrates applied learning or academic exploration.

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  • Putative Role for METTL1 in Human Gliobastoma 

    Seaman, Jessica; Endres, Lauren (2017-04)
    Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) is a deadly cancer affecting the late adult and elderly population. Although GBM can be subdivided into a number of distinct types, aberrant methylation effects define certain subtypes, such ...
  • Comparing Pre-Built Hypervisors 

    Chien, Taylor (2017-04)
    There are a lot of Hypervisors out there, from almost every developer. VMWare isn't the only option anymore, with free and open source hypervisors everywhere now. However, in terms of usability, building a system from ...
  • Building a Datacenter with ARM Devices 

    Chien, Taylor (2017-04)
    The ARM CPU is becoming more prevalent as devices are shrinking and become embedded in everything from medical devices to toasters. However, Linux for ARM is still in the very early stages of release, with many different ...
  • 2017 SUNY Polytechnic Institute Student Project Showcase Program 

    Nadel, Max; Pritting, Shannon (2017-04)
    The Student Project Showcase is an annual event featuring the applied learning and academic activities of SUNY Polytechnic Institute undergraduate and graduate students. Students present posters, provide demonstrations, ...
  • Analysis of Burial Records from Forest Hill Cemetery, Utica NY 

    Henry, Samantha; McLain, Adam (2017-04)
    Through the organization of data obtained from Forest Hill Cemetery in Utica, NY observations on the causes of death in this region could be made. Here the primary focus is on leading causes of death. A comparison is made ...
  • Filled Up.... or feeding a landfill? 

    Kitts, Marissa; Johnson, Sydney; Megley, Shane; Merry, David (2017-04)
    In 1992, the original USDA Food Pyramid was designed to make healthy eating easier for Americans. It was a pyramid-shaped diagram representing the optimal number of servings to be eaten each day from each of the basic food ...
  • Comparing Direct and Mixed Methods of Solution in a Discretized Framework of a Mass-Spring System 

    Bouchard, Christopher (2017-04)
    In a discretized framework of a simplified system of masses and springs, the vector representing displacements in masses may be solved for via the direct method or the mixed method. The direct method combines a series of ...