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  • Research & Creative Expression: Spring 1990 

    Howard, Daniel; Editor; DeCicco, Michael; Creative Consultant; Starczewski, Kirk; Creative Consultant; Ajayl, A 'isha; DeCarvalho, Roy Jose; Havranek, Richard; Joseph, Joanne; Kelley, Amy; Newman, Eugene; Oboyski, Anne; Plotkin, Joel; Qazi, Salahuddin; Slayton, Ralph; Tribunella, Thomas; Zogby, John J. (1990)
    The first issue of Research & Creative Expression was an unqualified success exceeding the expectations of the editorial staff as evidenced by numerous positive comments and rave reviews by readers (both from within the ...
  • Research & Creative Expression: Spring 1993 

    VanMarter, Shirley; Editor; DeCicco, Michael; Graphic Designer; Kahn, Russell; Krenitsky Perrone, Mary; Romero, Rafael; Spetka, Scott; Tribunella, Thomas; Murphy, Daniel; DeVisser, Sandra Z. (1993)
    The articles in this issue were selected to provide a cross section of the scholarship and creativity of our full- and parttime faculty. I am especially pleased to call your attention to the cover of this issue. It ...