The Gateway is Fulton Montgomery Community College’s official student run newspaper. The newspaper puts out new editions on a monthly basis. The articles are submitted by various Communications Classes, and also the Communications Club here on Campus. There’s a wide variety of topics, while still being related to FMCC events. <>

Recent Submissions

  • Gateway (December 2016) 

    Horstmann, Kaitee/Chief Editor; Nellis, Marissa/Associate Editor; Press, Elizabeth/Faculty Advisor; Reinoso, Ejerlin/Staff Writer; Tran, Jennifer/Staff Writer; Anderson, Elizabeth/Staff Writer; Winton, Jeanne/Staff Writer; Comstock, Austin/Staff Writer; Nellis, Marissa (Staff Writer); McQueen, Joseph/Staff Writer; Adams, Lauren/Staff Writer; Suhail, Imran/Staff Writer; Palczak, Mckenna/Staff Writer (FMCC Communications Club, 2016-12)