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dc.descriptionProjects include: • Thiocyanato ruthenium(ii) linkage isomers by Matthew Buck (Daniel Freedman), Chemistry • Alternative digital printmaking by Jeremiah Brown, Robert Capozzi (Jill Parisi), Printmaking • Crystallization of the DAD-1 kinetochore protein by Francis Carey, Saria Rani (Jennifer Waldo), Biology • Characterization of chemically modified surfaces by Darren Ceckanowicz (Pamela St. John), Chemistry • Antimicrobial activity of pinene derivatives by Daniel Tzvi Cohen, Pui Yee Chan (Teresa Snyder-Leiby, Preetis Dhar), Biology and Chemistry • Realizing “King Lear”: the dramaturgical process in action by Bradley Diuguid (Frank Trezza), Theatre Arts • Crystallization of mitotic proteins by Patricia Ezenwa (Jennifer Waldo), Biology • Comparison of psoralea and heracleum phototoxicity by Igor Gembitsky (Preeti Dhar), Chemistry • (a,w)-derivatives by Anna Haensch (Diego Dominici), Mathematics • Elements of the Socratic in J.S Mill by Emily Hallock (Jeff Miller), Political Science • Determination of equilibrium constants for the aquation of [(p-cym)Ru(acac)Cl], [(p-cym)Ru(Facac)Cl], AND [(p-cym)Ru(Phacac)Cl] by Kenneth R. Hassler (Daniel A. Freedman), Chemistry • Water quality of the wallkill river by Renee Jones, Colin Mills (Shafiul Chowdhury), Geology • The Anarcha Project: sims & the medical plantation by Jessica Maxwell (Anita Gonzalez), Theatre Arts • Hooking up: liberation, objectification or rape? by Regina Musicaro (Melanie Hill), Psychology • Purification & refolding of yeast protein nkp2 by Eric J Neuberger (Jennifer Waldo), Biology • Transfer hydrogenation of acetophenone by Tara Passik (Daniel Freedman), Chemistry • Purification of iml3 of the yeast kinetochore by Saira Rani, (Jennifer Waldo), Biology • Isolation and expression of kinetochore genes by Michael Scherrer (Jennifer Waldo), Biology • Orthographic processing in native English speakers by Cristina Sanchez (Giordana Grossi), Psychology • Analysis of logistic equation in frequency domain by Robin Augustine Thottungal (Diego Dominici), Mathematics • Purification of hug 1 protein by Nicole Vitillo (Jennifer Waldo), Biology • Exploring gender differences in internet blogs by Stacie Walker (Maryalice Citera), Psychology • The signified immanent in Shakespeare’s discourse by Lea Weiss (Sarah Wyman), Englishen_US
dc.description.abstractThe Student Research Symposium is an event for the presentation and recognition of student scholarship (both graduate and undergraduate). Students with any major in the university, in any college or school of the university, graduate or undergraduate are invited to participate. All students who have participated with faculty or under faculty supervision -- for example, as part of a senior seminar, independent study, or supervised work -- in original, independent research, critical reviews, laboratory projects or field studies eligible to present their work as a poster presentation.en_US
dc.description.sponsorshipGrants: Academic Year Undergraduate Research Experience (AYURE) Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE)en_US
dc.rightsAttribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 United States*
dc.subjectUndergraduate researchen_US
dc.subjectStudent Research Symposiumen_US
dc.subjectGraduate researchen_US
dc.subjectStudent scholarshipen_US
dc.title2007 Student Research Symposium (SRS) Abstract Booken_US

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Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 United States
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