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    • Redox control of senescence and age-related disease 

      Chandrasekaran, Akshaya; Idelchik, Maria del Pilar Sosa; Melendez, J. Andrés (Redox Biology, 2017-03)
      The signaling networks that drive the aging process, associated functional deterioration, and pathologies has captured the scientific community's attention for decades. While many theories exist to explain the aging process, ...
    • Surface oxidation of the topological insulator Bi2Se3 

      Green, Avery J.; Dey, Sonal; An, Yong Q.; O'Brien, Brendan; O'Mullane, Samuel; Thiel, Bradley; Diebold, Alain C. (Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology A: Vacuum, Surfaces, and Films, 2016)
      An understanding of the aging and oxidation of the (0001) surface of Bi2Se3 is critical to a comprehensive physical picture of its topologically protected surface states. Here, the authors contribute new experimental ...