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    • Genesis: 1976 

      Pacilio, Alfred; Editor; Weeks, Gary; Senior Portraits; Williams, Ruth; Artist; Williams, Alice; Artist; Williams, Ruth; Endsheets; Johnson, David; Historian; Gage, Jean; Writer; Riley, Claire; Writer; Snyder, Nancy; Writer (1976-05-01)
      Genesis yearbook of upper division college of Utica, N.Y.
    • Genesis: 1984: As the Seasons Change So Do We 

      Wagner, Lisa, Editor; Gilman, Kellie; Editor; Hjelset, Nanette; Seniors Section Editor; Celano, Kevin; Special Events and Candid Photographs Section Editor; D'Andretti, Enzo; Sports Section Editor; Schanz, Tom; Photographs Section Editor; Wickham, Faith; Faculty and Staff Section Editor; Ulrich, Sue; Advisor; Keymer, David; Advisor (1984-05-01)
    • Genesis: 1985 

      Wickham, Faith; Editor; Celano, Kevin; Editor; Robinson, Kathy; Rowe, Martha; Simon, Kelvin; Pietropaulo, Tony; Vitalo, Jim (1985-05-01)
    • Genesis: 1986: Reflections 

      Casscles, Pam; Editor; Chin, Alex; Cover Design; Burns, Lorri; Fischer, Paul; Keymer, David; Advisor (1986-05-01)
    • Genesis: 1987: In Step 

      Grossman, Stuart; Editor; Vitanza, Mike; Editor; Cassisi, Mike; Amatetti, Bart; Collins, Sheri; Phelps, John; Liguori, James; Raymond, Scott; Cowie, David; Cusimano, Jim; Burke, Kathy; Moritz, Thea; Advisor (1987-05-01)
    • Genesis: 1989: Directions 

      Unknown author (1989-05-01)
      Genesis is the Yearbook of SUNY College of Technology at Utica/Rome, SUNYIT, and SUNY Polytechnic Institute
    • Genesis: 1992: Small Changes 

      Unknown author (1992-05-01)