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    • Digital Music Notation with Auto-Grading and Immediate Feedback 

      Plotkin, Richard (2016)
      Music notation is a standardized form of communicating musical concepts, and many musical concepts cannot be communicated without notation. This project is intended to develop a proof-of-concept for, and pilot, a digital ...
    • The Necessity of Accessibility Online 

      Case, Michael; Ryan, Melanie; Sidey, Ellen (2015)
      This project would center on providing a day long Accessibility conference on our campus open to participants inside and outside of our institution. The morning session will consist of a presentation by an accessibility ...
    • Use Software Simulation to Foster Student Learning in Microcontroller Related LABs and Projects 

      Miao, Lei; Issapour, Marjaneh; Jativa, Carlos (2015)
      Microcontrollers are widely used in homes, offices, cars, factories, etc., and they have been an essential component of electrical and computer engineering education. Microcontrollers and their applications normally involve ...