This collection includes the outcomes of the Innovative Instructional Technology Grants .

The Innovative Instruction Transformation Team, established as an outcome of the SUNY Strategic Plan, made recommendations to leverage the Power of SUNY for supporting academic excellence and student success. A vision for a “network of networks” emerged, including tools and practices that will collaboratively increase efficiency and capacity for SUNY-wide delivery of high quality instruction. The Chancellor, Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost have endorsed solutions that will:

  • Enhance teaching and learning by providing affordable, innovative, and flexible education in a full range of instructional formats.
  • Develop instructional talent by creating and supporting communities of practice across disciplines and institutions.
  • Support, monitor and embrace research on pedagogical practices to continually improve the instructional practices of SUNY faculty.
  • Extend teaching and learning environments to provide new avenues for development and delivery of collaborative content, courses, and programs in New York and across the globe.

Recent Submissions

  • Evaluating Geologic Mapping Tools for the Undergraduate Curriculum 

    Growdon, Martha; Hasbargen, Leslie (2012)
    This project will determine the most student-accessible, cost-effective yet reliable digital field mapping system by conducting the first digital field-mapping evaluation, comparing available tablet computers and Geographic ...
  • Alternate Reality Simulations as Learning Tools 

    Mejias, Ulises (2012) is a parallel universe to Oswego, New York. Specifically, it is an alternate reality simulation. But the participants in do not inhabit a virtual world where they control anonymous avatars. Rather, ...
  • Big Data on a Small(er) Campus: Use of Large-Scale Text Analysis by a Comprehensive Primarily Undergraduate Institution 

    Lowe, Brian; Fulkerson, Gregory M. (2012)
    The ability to capture and amass huge, complex data sets has advanced rapidly in recent decades, as data generated by social networking, remote sensing and software logging, as well as the storage to handle these inputs, ...
  • Using Visual Communication Tools to Enhance Teaching and Learning 

    Yang, Harrison (2012)
    Needs Assessment The rapid technological change and proliferation of information resources are lineaments of our contemporary society. Digital and social technologies, especially visual communication tools, are changing ...
  • Development of an Interactive Case Study Capability 

    Urban, Christopher; Van Knowe, Glenn E.; Waight, Kenneth T. (2012)
    INSTRUCTIONAL TECHNOLOGY INNOVATION: Place student in decision-maker role by simulating real world situations using computer-based, interactive case studies. BACKGROUND & SIGNIFICANCE: Instruction in math, science, and ...
  • Enhancing Student Success in Potsdam’s Hybrid History Courses 

    Veinott, Natalia; German, James (2012)
    This project will develop, implement, and assess technologies that enhance student success by increasing interactivity, accessibility, and options in SUNY Potsdam’s history hybrid courses designed for General Education and ...
  • SUNY Healthcare Island: Exploring a Virtual SUNY Community of Healthcare Learners 

    Windle, Hope; Gecsedi, Renee; Pickett, Alexandra (2012)
    This proposal aligns existing Second Life Healthcare facilities and resources previously designed by SUNY Ulster with other SUNY schools eager to explore the next generation of learning in a virtual world. The SUNY Ulster ...
  • Student Mediated Video Lecture Capture 

    Sarner, Ronald; Mullick, Rosemary J.; Novillo, Jorge; Urban, Christopher; Merante, Nick (2012)
    Video capture of class sessions is appealing for a variety of reasons, among them: a means for a student to review a small portion of a class that may be confusing or to prepare for exams; reducing in-class time devoted ...
  • Gestural Melody: New Learning Tools for Musical Composition 

    Landa, Keith; Bode, Peer; McElwaine, Jim; Thayer, Paul (2012)
    The Gestural Musical Interface Melody in music is often seen as the most elusive musical craft. It is often left to intuition and recollection. But melody is an identifiable and teachable craft, though it is constantly ...
  • Observations of Students in Clinical Settings via iPads 

    Youngs-Maher, Pam; Botash, Ann; Bailey, Gene; Powers, Patricia; Recker-Hughes, Carol; Smith, Joseph (2012)
    Upstate Medical University utilizes a curriculum model built on didactic and theoretical constructs, and the application of those lessons in clinical settings. Direct observation and feedback is believed to be an effective ...
  • Developing a SUNY-wide Transliteracy Learning Collaborative to Promote Information and Technology Collaboration 

    Jacobson, Trudi; Mackey, Thomas; McBride, Mark; Daly, Michael; Forte, Michele; Hecker, Jenna; Murphy, Ellen (2012)
    he proposed Transliteracy Learning Collaborative (TLC) will be a SUNY-wide think tank and incubator for promoting transliteracy and emerging frameworks for information literacy (IL). TLC will transcend boundaries based ...
  • Giving/Getting Access to Scholarly and Instructional Material 

    Orzech, Mary Jo; Perry, Andrew (2012)
    Both getting and accessing scholarly materials deal with elements of intellectual property concerns, licensing and copyright. Awareness is necessary for faculty, librarians, IT personnel, and administrators who regularly ...
  • Developing a Semi-standardized and Accessible Introduction to Computer Science Course for the SUNY System 

    Zhang, Sen; Reed, Howard; Marcello, Cynthia; Antonakos, James; Hoskey, Arthur (2014)
    Until K-12 fully implements computer science (CS) education nationwide, Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) must continue to assume an active, effective, and remedial role in bridging incoming freshmen to computer ...
  • SUNY Co-laboratory on Immersive Virtual Environments for STEM Learning 

    Shea, Peter; Zhang, Jianwei; Oliveira, Alan; Goodwin, Dan; Vuille, Mathias; Goodall, Jennifer; Johnson, Roberta; Ramamurthy, Bina; Bever, Edward; McElwaine, Jim; Dugan, Larry; Hayes, Suzanne; Pickett, Alexandra; Scalzo, Kim (2012)
    Among the most critical academic disciplines for success in a 21st century workforce are those involving Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). These fields are increasingly digital, networked and rapidly evolving. ...
  • The E-Textbook Opportunity: The Time is Now for SUNY 

    Hendrix, Dean (2012)
    This IITG proposal requests funding for the licensing of electronic versions of textbooks, or e-textbooks, that are used in common courses across three SUNY schools: SUNY Brockport, SUNY Buffalo and SUNY Delhi. Administered ...
  • IL Fox -The Virtual Toolbook for Information Literacy Initial Reserach 

    Geramin, Carol Anne; Loney, Tor; Paradavila, John (2012)
    Research into the development of an online information literacy dictionary/encyclopedia following the Creative Commons standards. Project Description The project consists of preliminary research into the development ...
  • iTunes and iDemo: 3D Computer Vision/Graphics with Intelligent Avatar Interaction 

    Yin, Lijun; Mayers, Great (2013)
    This project will focus on developing a new instructional methodology by utilizing an innovative computer vision based instruction system in a smart room setup with (1) a novel story-telling software to visualize course ...
  • Tools of Engagement Project (TOEP): On-demand Discovery Learning Professional Development 

    Sullivan, Roberta (Robin); Burns, Beth; Gradel, Kathleen; Shi, Shufang; van Putten, Cherie; Tysick, Cindi (2012)
    The goal of this project is to pilot the Tools of Engagement Project’s (hereafter, TOEP) on-demand professional development model among faculty across SUNY campuses, investigating its effectiveness in expanding their ...
  • Initiating Conversations About the End of Life: The Advanced Illness Decision Simulation Environment 

    Waldrop, Deborah; Meeker, Mary Ann; Milling, David; Sturman, Steve; Zinnerstrom, Karen; Guzman, Tony (2012)
    Decision-making about end-of-life care has evolved with technological advances that can prolong life. Discourse about the benefits and burdens of life-sustaining treatment has underscored the importance of identifying ...
  • SUNYport: Portfolio site for SUNY students 

    Ludwig, Mark; Wagner, A. Ben; Hendrix, Dean; Perry, Andrew (2012)
    Collaboration Open access scholarly communication and collaborative research have become a vital characteristic of university and college academic endeavor. Raising awareness about traditional publishing, copyright, digital ...

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