This collection includes the outcomes of the Innovative Instructional Technology Grants .

The Innovative Instruction Transformation Team, established as an outcome of the SUNY Strategic Plan, made recommendations to leverage the Power of SUNY for supporting academic excellence and student success. A vision for a “network of networks” emerged, including tools and practices that will collaboratively increase efficiency and capacity for SUNY-wide delivery of high quality instruction. The Chancellor, Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost have endorsed solutions that will:

  • Enhance teaching and learning by providing affordable, innovative, and flexible education in a full range of instructional formats.
  • Develop instructional talent by creating and supporting communities of practice across disciplines and institutions.
  • Support, monitor and embrace research on pedagogical practices to continually improve the instructional practices of SUNY faculty.
  • Extend teaching and learning environments to provide new avenues for development and delivery of collaborative content, courses, and programs in New York and across the globe.

Recent Submissions

  • Non-Profit Community Partner Service Project 

    Dohm, Amy; Franklin, Nathan (2012)
    1. Development, application and assessment of innovative use of instructional technology to improve student engagement and learning across disciplines. Students in two English Composition, ENG 101, courses will create a ...
  • Development & Validation of SUNY Prep: Learner Preparedness Survey 

    Miszkiewicz, Melissa; Kroll, Christine; Marczynski, Kelly; Wieczorek, William; Mackey, Tom; Lamb, Craig; McDaniel, J. Goodlet (2012)
    Project Description Throughout SUNY and our national educational system there is a growing need to understand, and therefore support and increase student success. (NYSUNY 2020) Plenty of research has gone into defining ...
  • Virtual Study Abroad: Student Engagement & International Interaction Using Meeting & Mobile Tools 

    Pellettiere Calix, Lorette; Prusko Torcivia, Patrice; Leon, Oscar (2012)
    The goal of this project is to enable all SUNY students to participate in a virtual term abroad. Empire State College (ESC) has a blended program in Panama, where the students meet face to face the first and last week of ...
  • Synergy & Systemness: Making the Most of Innovative Technology & Collaboration 

    Cichello, Francesca; Bonnabeau, Richard; Suvaci, Ender; Ozdemir, Blige Kagan; Herdendorf, Phyllis; Zarate-Hoyos, German; Yildirim, Özgü; Schlarb, Mary; Braun, Betsy; Rubin, Jon (2012)
    We propose the development of a pilot course limited to thirty students combining online learning with a ten-day business study tour in Turkey. Students will be encouraged to participate in the study tour component, though ...
  • Supporting the needs of 21st Century Learners: Faculty Development with Tools of Engagement 

    Whiteley-Grassi, Nathan; Hoefler, Patricia; Lewis, Mark; Teoh, Jase; Fortune, Michael; Eryilmaz, Evren; Coleman, Sheryl (2012)
    This project is based on work done in the University of Buffalo Tools of Engagement project* Based on feedback shared at this year’s CIT (2012), this program has been successful and popular among students and is believed ...
  • Dreaming in Languages: Politics, Pedagogy and Technology for Language Instruction 

    De Urda Anguita, Jaun; Rivera, Carmen (2012)
    In this globalized world, communication and exchanges between people and cultures are becoming indispensable. This need is felt more intensely in areas like Western New York where access to wider markets and diverse cultures ...
  • Integrated Early Career & Transfer Engagement-OWL for Online Adult Learners 

    Knipe, Robert; Stayer Kelly, Deborah; Peaslee, Jayne; Gentry, Colleen; Dixon, Martie; Owens, Maureen; Dugan, Larry; Littlejohn, Judie; Dunagin, Cori; VanKirk, Peggy; Keys, Terry (2012)
    Genesee Community College, in collaboration with the Online Western NY Learning Alliance (OWL) consisting of six community colleges in Western New York, seeks funds from the State University of New York to develop and ...
  • Electronic Portfolios to Enhance Experiential Learning and Assessment in Internship Courses 

    Halada, Gary (2012)
    Internships are academic experiences for which a student earns credit in an agreed-upon, short-term, supervised work experience related to a major field or area of interest. For students, internships are opportunities to ...
  • Multimedia Recording Suite 

    Melohusky, Lisa; McCune, T. John; Eckenrode, Dawn (2012)
    As Fredonia continues to expand it’s offerings of blended and 100% online courses and with the adoption of the flipped classroom model, the need to create and share quality online audio and video recordings has grown. In ...
  • Improving Student Performance in SUNY Orange Placement Assessment and Developmental Courses Through the Use of Video Presentations 

    Ford, mary; Moegenburg, Stacey (2012)
    SUNY Orange’s proposal meets the objectives of the IIT Grant and advance SUNY Orange’s goal of reducing the number of students in developmental courses, helping students place into freshman level, non- remedial courses as ...
  • Science and Engineering Everywhere, at Anytime, and for Everyone 

    Bugallo, Monica; Takai, Helio (2012)
    The information age that we are immersed into is characterized by the ability to transfer data freely and to have instant access to knowledge that would have been difficult or impossible to obtain previously. Regardless ...
  • 4C-CITI: Four-College Consortium for Innovative Technology Integration 

    Shi, Shufang; Gradel, Kathleen; Raimondi, Sharon; Widdall, Chris; Klein, Karl (2012)
    Project Need: The gap in technical knowledge between digital natives and digital immigrants is problematic across the P-16 continuum. Although this gap exists in P-12 (Preschool-Grade 12) education, this gap is nowhere ...
  • Enviropedia: A Serious Game about Beverage Container Choices 

    Scarlatos, Lori; Orlov, Alexander M.; Rijt, Arount van de; Tonjes, David J. (2012)
    The trouble with introductory science and engineering courses is that students often don't see how what they are learning is relevant to their lives. We propose to address this by leveraging our team's past efforts to ...
  • Eternal France: An Interactive Historical Simulation for College History Classes 

    Bever, Edward (2012)
    Many students find Western Civilization and European History surveys boring. Because they involve long time scales, diverse foreign peoples, and a wide range of historical processes, these courses often come across as a ...
  • Engaging Students in Information Literacy and Digital Literacy through Emerging Technologies 

    Clemons, Jessica; Weiter, Stephen P. (2012)
    SUNY-ESF has had a credit-bearing information literacy class (ESF 200) since the late 1970’s. This is a required course for several majors and it has been expanded into a graduate level course (ESF 797). ESF is taught by ...
  • SUNY Distance Mentored Undergraduate Research: Leveraging System Expertise to Enhance Learning 

    Bernard, Lori; Croxton, Jack; Garneau, Danielle; Kanbur, Shashi (2012)
    We propose to expand into the SUNY system a model of distance mentored undergraduate research (UR) which has been funded by a Teagle Foundation grant award of $150,000 to the Council of Public Liberal Arts College (COPLAC). ...
  • Hybridization: Transforming to a Hybrid Foreign Language Instructional Model 

    McEwen, Rose; Brea, Felisa; Heller, Bill (2012)
    We are proposing the creation of a series of curricula that can serve as a template for other SUNY foreign languages departments considering transforming their beginning-level courses from the traditional, face-toface ...
  • Open SUNY Textbooks 

    Oberlander, Cyril; Lyons, Charles (2012)
    Creating open access content for Open SUNY that scales means developing new service frameworks; libraries can help provide that new infrastructure. The IITG grant would fund an innovative and collaborative pilot to develop ...
  • Digital Thoreau: Crowdsourcing Commentary 

    Schacht, Paul; Easterly, Joe (2012)
    This project grows out of SUNY Geneseo’s involvement in Digital Thoreau, a collaboration with the Thoreau Society and the Thoreau Institute Library at Walden Woods to promote engagement with the texts of Henry David Thoreau, ...
  • SUNY Geneseo Neuroscience Cyber Technology Laboratory (CTL) Course 

    Bazzett, Terence (2012)
    Geneseo is in the process of developing a new interdisciplinary Neuroscience major. Among our primary goals is to expose students to a wide range of neuroscience technology and laboratory techniques. While in theory providing ...

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