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    • Symmetry Analysis of the Modified Emden Equation 

      Yaciuk, Daniel (2016)
      In this project we will compute the symmetries of the modified Emden equation y''+kyy'+y^3=0 for various k. Based on the literature (Leach, J.Math. Phys. 26, 1985; Andriopoulos et al, J. Math. Anal. Appl., 262, 2001) we ...
    • Human 2'-O-ribose methyltransferases and the oxidative stress response 

      Simonelli, Katherine; Seaman, Jessica; Rose, Rebecca E; Fabris, Daniele; Endres, Lauren (2016)
      Exposure to environmental toxicants that induce reactive oxygen species (ROS) can damage DNA, proteins and lipids to promote diseases such as cancer. ROS detoxification processes mitigate oxidative stress-induced damage ...