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dc.description.abstractFaculty Assembly meeting minutes and organizational documentsen_US
dc.publisherFaculty Assemblyen_US
dc.subjectelection of FA representatives to committees: Workload Committee; Shared Services Committeeen_US
dc.subjectCommittee Reportsen_US
dc.subjectThe technology committee is presenting a motion that faculty and adjunct faculty give their permission before their online course materials can be obtained by others. 12/8/11en_US
dc.subjectmotion was made to add, “this policy will be effective as of the start of the summer semester of 2012.” Motion passed 12/8/11en_US
dc.subjectmotion was made to include, “exclusive of syllabi.” Motion passed. The amended resolution passed with 32 in favor, one opposed. 12/8/11en_US
dc.subjectPlanning and Budgeting Committee recommended the adoption of a policy on Program Discontinuance.en_US
dc.subjectGeneral Education Committee proposes that a committee of general education faculty be created.en_US
dc.subjectOther The question was raised if we can change the status of a full-time graduate student from 12 to 9 credit hours and how this change would impact revenue.en_US
dc.titleFaculty Assembly Meeting Minutes and Organizational Documents December 8, 2011en_US

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