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dc.description.abstractFaculty Assembly meeting minutes and organizational documentsen_US
dc.publisherFaculty Assemblyen_US
dc.subjectProvost updateen_US
dc.subjectPersonnel committeeen_US
dc.subjectmotion was made that Instructors who complete the terminal degree will be awarded the rank of assistant professor. 4/12/12en_US
dc.subjectmotion was made to adopt the guidelines for faculty to prepare a portfolio for reappointment, continuing appointment and/or promotion which would facilitate the review process 4/12/12en_US
dc.subjectmotion was made to adopt the change of grade policy;several amendments were suggested; motion to adopt the grade change policy as amended;motion passed with two opposed 4/12/12en_US
dc.titleFaculty Assembly Meeting Minutes and Organizational Documents April 12, 2012en_US

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