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    • The Analysis of Peroxiredoxin-1 and its Oxidative Properties in Homo sapiens 

      Moore, Tiffany; Schlicht, Rachel; Kilmer, Corinne; Brabetz, Barbara (2016-04-04)
      Peroxiredoxin1 (PRX-1) is an antioxidant protein that functions to regulate oxidative stress in aerobic organisms by reducing hydrogen peroxide.
    • Biochemical Analysis of Manganese Superoxide Dismutase Mutations 

      Karlin, Molly; Hackett, Samantha; Richardson, Clara; Brabetz, Barbara (2016-04-04)
      Manganese Superoxide Dismutase, MnSOD, is a catalyst for antioxidant activity and provides a mechanism to convert highly active superoxide molecules radicals to a less toxic molecule in the form of hydrogen peroxide. This ...
    • The Clinical Aspects of Epilysin (MMP28) 

      Drutjons, Olivia; Schafer, Danielle; Solomon, Amanda; Brabetz, Barbara (2016-04-04)
      The study of metalloproteinases like epilysin focuses on structurally similar enzymes that include a metal core. These proteins play important roles in breaking down other material found in the spaces between individual ...
    • Heavy Metal on the Brain: CeruloplasminTess 

      Alecksynas, Tess; Townsend, Eric; Zhu, Angela; Brabetz, Barbara (2016)
      The absence of functional ceruloplasminferroxidase activity impairs the body’s ability to export iron out of its tissues. The resulting accumulation of iron in the cells result in tissue damage and ultimately health concerns ...
    • Hemocyanin; Don’t Get in the Way of Blue Bloods 

      Lee, Cheyenne; Collins-Hall, Jennifer; Hendrick, Dylan; Brabetz, Barbara (2016-04-04)
      Hemocyanin is a large oxygen carrying protein in the blood of numerous invertebrates such as horseshoe crabs. It is immunogenic, meaning it stimulates the immune system and is a perfect carrier for proteins we want the ...
    • The Mutation of Amyloid Precursor Protein and the Development of Alzheimer's Disease 

      Parks-Medina, Ericka; Redman, Rachel; Reed, Sandra; Brabetz, Barbara (2016-04-04)
      Alzheimer's Disease is a build of problematic plaques in the brain. These plaques are caused by the mutation of the amyloid precursor protein (APP). It is expressed in a wide range of different cell types including neurons. ...
    • What the HEC?: Functionality of Human Erythrocyte Catalase 

      Rockwell, Nicholas; Rogers, Stephanie; Brabetz, Barbara (2016-04-04)
      Human Erythrocyte Catalase (HEC) is an enzyme that catalyzes the 2-step decomposition of hydrogen peroxide, H2O2, to water and oxygen inside the red blood cells of humans. In 1 second, HEC can decompose up to 1 million ...