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    -The only topic for discussion for this meeting is the meaning (interpretation) of the Motion passed in October regarding the General Education requirements. 3/7/2013 [1]
    . Announcements from Provost’s office (by request of Provost) [1]
    . Committee Reports [1]
    A motion was introduced to change the status of full-time graduate students from 12 to 9 credit hours per semester, which is the standard across the SUNY system. The motion passed. 2/9/12 [1]
    Academic Affairs: Motion for the Proposed Change to the Academic Minor Policy After extensive discussion of additional changes to the language, the assembly tabled the motion and asked the committee to revise its language based on the discussion. 11/20/14 [1]
    Academic Affairs [1]
    Academic Affairs Committee [1]
    Academic Quality [1]
    Academic Quality Committee [1]
    Academic Re-design Update [1]
    Acceptable Use Policy [1]
    Ad-hoc general education committee [1]
    Announcements [1]
    Attachment 1 Academic Affairs Report on the Foreign Language Category 4/30/15 [1]
    Attachment 2 Academic Affairs -- Addition to Transfer Credit Policy for FA 4-30-2015.docx 4/30/15 [1]
    Attachment 3 ESFFamilyMedicalLeave 4/30/15 [1]
    Attachment 4 Classroom Observation Policy April 2015 4/30/15 [1]
    Brought motion to change Faculty Assembly bylaws to reflect name change from “Online Learning Committee” to “Distance Learning Committee,” more consonant with its broader scope and with Middle States Terminology; this motion needed a 1/3 minimum of the faculty present to approve its being presented at the next meeting as an amendment vote; the motion passed by overwhelming majority 11/20/14 [1]
    Budget Working Group [2]
    By-Laws: Two changes are being proposed to the Faculty Assembly By-Laws: change schools or departments to “academic unit” where it appears in the By-Laws; and change VPAA to “chief academic officer” (CAO) where it appears. The proposed changes will be distributed via email. [1]