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      Motion from AA and Curriculum committee: Proposing that SUNYIT will adopt the current SUNY general education requirements: 30 credits and 7 out of 10 areas (so-called Part 1 of SUNY General Education Requirements). 10/14/2012 [1]
      Motion from Personnel committee on change of rank from Instructor to Assistant professor 5/10/12 [1]
      Motion on Synchronous Teaching [1]
      Motion Passed [1]
      Motion to develop a policy for Administrative Searches at the Level of Dean and Above (Excluding Presidents) [1]
      motion was introduced to accept up to 76 lower-division transfer credit hours instead of 64 when a student is accepted; motion passed to “request that the academic affairs committee draft a policy for minimum upper division credit requirements.”; motion to accept up to 76 lower-division transfer credits passed; 5 opposed. 2/9/12 [1]
      motion was introduced to allow students who already have bachelor’s degrees from institutions in which the primary language instruction is in English to waive the upper division writing requirement. The motion passed. 2/9/12 [1]
      motion was made that Instructors who complete the terminal degree will be awarded the rank of assistant professor. 4/12/12 [1]
      motion was made to add, “this policy will be effective as of the start of the summer semester of 2012.” Motion passed 12/8/11 [1]
      motion was made to adopt the change of grade policy;several amendments were suggested; motion to adopt the grade change policy as amended;motion passed with two opposed 4/12/12 [1]
      motion was made to adopt the guidelines for faculty to prepare a portfolio for reappointment, continuing appointment and/or promotion which would facilitate the review process 4/12/12 [1]
      motion was made to amend the effective date to “policy will be implemented as soon as is practicable.” The amendment passed and the graduation honors policy was adopted. 2/9/12 [1]
      motion was made to include, “exclusive of syllabi.” Motion passed. The amended resolution passed with 32 in favor, one opposed. 12/8/11 [1]
      Motion/Clarification: Secretary position needs to be elected for a two-year term so it is staggered with chair. Current position is filling out Zora Thomova’s term. Unanimous. 3/26/15 [1]
      Motion: Dr. Heyboer - We request that the Provost’s office develop a policy handbook including all Faculty Assembly and committee policies that have been passed. 9/25/14 [1]
      Motion: Academic Freedom (Personnel) 9/25/14 [1]
      Motion: Academic Minor policy – - Motion passed with a clear majority [Attachment 1] 1/29/15 [1]
      Motion: Banner regarding listing of textbook resources - deferred 1/29/15 [1]
      Motion: Proposed change to Academic Minor policy (Academic Affairs) Attachment 3 9/25/14 [1]
      Motion: The Committee recommends adopting the second model and awarding credit on a per-course basis 3/26/15 [1]