The materials in this collection are produced by SUNY campuses.

Recent Submissions

  • Survey of Native American Literature 

    Dickinson, Joshua (SUNY Press, 2018-04)
    This survey textbook overviews Native American literature from its origins in poems and creation myths of the continent's hundreds of Native cultures. Texts are organized with major sections on creation myths, fiction, ...
  • American Literature I 

    Dickinson, Joshua (Lumen Learning, 2018)
    American Literature I combines a textbook covering literary analysis and literary critical theory, basic research methods in the humanities, and a chronological reader of diverse selections in American Literature. The ...
  • World Literature 

    Joshua Dickinson (Lumen Learning, 2018)
    World Literature covers a range of world fiction and nonfiction readings, including coverage of trickster tales, origin myths, memoirs, novels, short stories, and poems. Focus is on Native American, Japanese, Chinese, and ...
  • Space Mythos: Science Fiction 

    Dickinson, Joshua (SUNY Press, 2020-06)
    Space Mythos is a science fiction reader and literature textbook. It overviews MLA citation, literary analysis, and academic writing moves. This Open Educational Resources text is designed to accompany other science fiction ...
  • Technical Writing Strategies 

    Dickinson, Joshua (SUNY Press, 2017-10)
    Strategies in Technical Writing is an Open Education Resource text designed for community-college-level students being introduced to technical writing conventions. The text focuses on the main genres involved in professional ...
  • Atlas of Comparative Anatomy 

    Roosa, Kristen; Swislosky, Elizabeth; Caffrey, Alexandra; Carson, Jessica; Chumpitazi, Christina; Conroy, Kristin; Epps, Jarred; Gray, Morgan; Jackson, Skylar; Machiarelli, Sisina; Murdock, Kelsey; Riddick, Britney; Ruhl, Jaclyn; Saugar, Daniel; Woodson, Destiny (2020-10)
    The Atlas of Comparative Anatomy began as a class project at SUNY Oneonta in 2017 because of the lack of a comprehensive freely-accessible photographic atlas. The majority of entries in this atlas were produced by students ...
  • Introduction to Digital Photography 

    Neuberger, Lawrence (2018-08)
    Learn and master the basic features of your camera to gain better control of your photos. Individualized chapters on each of the cameras basic functions as well as cheat sheets you can download and print for use while shooting.
  • SUNY Professional Skills: Career Launch 

    Millar, Dean C.; Olewnik, Andrew; Lorenzetti, Denise; Monachino, Cheryl; Savage, Mark S.; Clemo, Lorrie; Dirienzo, Denise; Cooley, Sheila; Flint, Kristen; Demarsh, Geoffrey (SUNY Office of Applied Learning, 2016-02-10)
    This course is designed to implement professional skills as well as personal and interpersonal skills. This course develops workplace readiness, career and self-assessment, team development skills, effective communication ...