Capstone Project Student teams and individuals create a thesis - or problem - that reflect current industry practices and trends, and must develop creative solutions and recommendations through a presentation directed to executive management, corporate entities, or entrepreneurs. Emphasis is placed upon global business concerns, including merchandising, sourcing, marketing, financial management, leadership, and digital commerce, among other disciplines. Students collaborate on the capstone project with third-year law students from Cardozo School of Law, who act as consultants to GFM's client, in offering legal advice based on copyright, trademark, privacy, counterfeit, and other legal issues. Groups are graded on their ability to analyze issues from the perspectives of the corporate environment, collect and understand data, conduct effective surveys, utilize concepts learned in the program, and present professionally. A three-member jury of industry professionals will judge the final projects for entry into the capstone event held in January, to an audience of family, faculty, and industry executives.