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dc.contributor.authorSwann, John
dc.contributor.authorBrowne, Lynne
dc.contributor.authorDe Cicco, Michael
dc.contributor.authorDow, Brenda
dc.contributor.authorKopytowski, Matt
dc.contributor.authorPeck, Mary Ann
dc.description.abstractThe Bridge is published by the State University of New York Institute of Technology to keep you informed of campus activities and news. Spring 2009en_US
dc.publisherSUNY IT Alumni Associationen_US
dc.subjectFirst of Four: SUNYIT’s Student Centeren_US
dc.subjectSUNYIT faculty member Veronica Tichenor’s book, Earning More and Getting Less: Why Successful Wives Can’t Buy Equality, was featured recently in a reporten_US
dc.subjectWeb Campaigning, co-authored by Steve Schneider, professor and interim dean of the School of Arts & Sciences, and Professor Kirsten Foot of the University of Washington, has been selected as the winner of the Doris Graber Best Book Awarden_US
dc.subjectSUNYIT Accredited by AACSBen_US
dc.subjectSchool of Business presented a program in December examining the global economic situation.en_US
dc.subjectChain-saw artist and SUNYIT parent Mark Tyoe created a new Wildcat statueen_US
dc.subjectSUNYIT in the Cityen_US
dc.subjectAlumni Association and Wildcat Hall of Fame Awardsen_US
dc.subjectSUNYIT nursing faculty, students make a difference in Brazilen_US
dc.subjectImages from India Guaruv W. Patwardhanen_US
dc.subjectLeonard Popyack Jr. ’84,en_US
dc.subjectCharles Green ’93en_US
dc.subjectJames E. Silva ’05 ’07en_US
dc.subjectNicole Watson ’83en_US
dc.subjectAnita L. Brown ’98 ’08en_US
dc.subjectRobert F. Manfredo ’81en_US
dc.subjectRobert V. Rose ’99en_US
dc.subjectScott H. Perra ’79en_US
dc.subjectJohn Swann ’02en_US
dc.subjectScott V. Miller ’90en_US
dc.subjectPresident Yeigh has announced the launch of a SUNYIT student ambassador programen_US
dc.subjectWildcats Make Successful Transition to North Eastern Athletic Conferenceen_US
dc.titleThe Bridge Spring 2009en_US

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    Alumni Newsletters for SUNY Polytechnic Institute and SUNY Institute of Technology Alumni, Faculty, Friends and Students. Alumni Newsletters have changed title, and include Alumni News and The Bridge.

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