This collection is comprised of reports, presentations, plans, drawings, and other material related to capstone projects in the SUNY Poly Engineering program. Additional physical materials are housed in the SUNY Poly Archives.

Recent Submissions

  • Moving Forward: A Plan For Thruway Exit 31 in Utica: CTC 490, Fall 2017 

    Turner, Alexander; Ondara, Obed; Blackshear, Julius Jr.; Sherpa, Kandu; Omar, Shinwar; Archer, Brenden; Feroz, Abdulhanan; DeVito, Dominic; Hastings, Jonathan; Anders, Chery; Periz, David; Arner, Mark; Instructor (2017-12-15)
    This project was developed by the students of the Civil Engineering Technology Fall 2017 Capstone Design class of the State University of New York Polytechnic Institute. This class is a prerequisite to the conferment of a ...
  • Upstate Medical Clinic: CTC 490, Spring 2017 

    Dunn, Lawrence; Course Faculty; Adames, Renee; Project Manager; Schreck, Shane; Mollel, Andrew; Nichols, Elijah; Sovocol, Adam; Moy, Josh; Wheeler, Dan; Luft, James; Struffolino, Dylan; Steinhilber, Alex; Wynne, Nick; Vyce, Tyler; Jones, Dylan; Hennessey, Kenneth; Longo, Brandon; Divccaro, Anthony; Nichols, Curtis; Course Faculty (2017-05-04)
    Nueva Era Engineering was tasked with providing engineering plans and specifications for a commercial tenant, which would take advantage of the proximity to major transportation routes, excellent location relative to urban ...
  • Interchange 31A, Oneida County Towns of New Hartford and Whitestown: CTC 490, Fall 2016 

    Arner, Mark; Faculty for Course; SUNY Poly Elite Engineering Design (SPEED) (2016-12-01)
    SUNY Poly Elite Engineering Design, better known as SPEED, has recently been awarded a contract through the New York State Thruway Authority in order to perform the task of creating a new New York State Thruway Interchange ...
  • New Call-Center Office Building: CTC490 Spring 2015 

    Twelve North Engineering (Twelve North Engineering, 2015-04-30)
    For the spring 2015 Capstone class, the class was asked to design a Call center to be located on Judd Road in Oriskany New York. The overall project goal is to provide engineering plans and specifications for a commercial ...
  • Kuyahoora Raceway Design Report and Presentation: CTC 490 Fall 2015 

    Arner, Mark (SUNY Polytechnic Institute and Advanced Precision Engineers, 2015-12-09)
    Kuyahoora Raceway Inc. was awarded a grant from New York State to construct a motocross track to improve and expand recreation in the Adirondack Park. This grant was awarded on the premise that the track meets the following ...