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    • Long Island Historical Journal, Volume 08, Number 2 (Spring 1996) 

      Howlett, Charles F.; Salem, Ernest; Koppelman, Lee E.; Hewins, Lorraine Maier; Cavaioli, Frank J.; Kassner, Jeffrey; Frisken, Amanda; Beal, Thomas D.; McAdoo, William; Foster, Sherrill; Seybel, Roger; Ogg, Florence; Papa, Jim; Strong, John A.; Dawkins, Nancy; Barcel, Ellen N. (Stony Brook University, Department of History, 1996)
      TABLE OF CONTENTS - FEATURE ARTICLES: The Long Island Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s, Part One: The Struggle to Integrate Public Schools by Charles F. Howlett - 145 / William Sidney Mount: The Influence of ...
    • Long Island Historical Journal, Volume 16, Numbers 1-2 (Fall 2003/Spring 2004) 

      Siminoff, Faren R.; Hamilton, Marsha L.; Koppelman, Lee E.; Howlett, Charles F.; Jensen, Bill; Forman, Seth; Barrett, Tim; Haas, James E.; Harmond, Richard P.; Strong, John A.; Tyler, Beverly C.; Winkler, Daniel; Vagnier, Crystal; Chabra, Vikram; Cella, Alexandra; Brandstadter, Rachel; Kelly, Barbara M.; Sandford, Ann H.; Weigold, Marilyn E.; Barons, Richard I.; Land, Michelle (Stony Brook University, The Center for Regional Policy Studies and Department of History, 2004)
      TABLE OF CONTENTS - FEATURE ARTICLES: Crossing the Sound: The Rise of Atlantic American Communities on Eastern Long Island during the Seventeenth Century by Faren R. Siminoff - 1 / Shifting Sands: Long Island’s Barrier ...