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    • Long Island Historical Journal, Volume 02, Number 1 (Fall 1989) 

      Wunderlich, Roger; Harmond, Richard P.; Rossano, Geoffrey L.; Strong, John A.; Cash, Floris Barnett; Dunbaugh, Edwin L.; Taylor, Lawrence J.; German, Andrew; Braid, Bernice; Buckley, Peter G.; Barber, Linda E.; Battley, Susan (Stony Brook University, Department of History, 1989)
      TABLE OF CONTENTS - EDITORIAL COMMENT - 1 / FEATURE ARTICLES: “An Island of Mine Own”: The Life and Times of Lion Gardiner, 1599-1663 by Roger Wunderlich - 3 / The Gardiners and Their Island, 1937-1972 by ...
    • Long Island Historical Journal, Volume 18, Numbers 1-2 (Fall 2005/Spring 2006) 

      Weigold, Marilyn E.; Ingram, Martin J.; Howlett, Charles F.; Harris, Bradley L.; Caro, Patricia T.; Kass, Sean; Marshall, Philip; Muchnik, Charlotte; Douglas, Leroy E.; Swanson, Robert Lawrence; Turano, Francis; Amondolia, Joseph; Naylor, Natalie A.; Booth, Antonia; Nyitray, Kristen J.; Ball, Catherine; Merker, Rachel; DeRiggi, Mildred E.; Wilbur, Garry A.; Silver, Alan; Welch, Richard F.; Staudt, John G.; Becker, Ann M.; Sandford, Ann H. (Stony Brook University, The Center for Regional Policy Studies and Department of History, 2006)
      TABLE OF CONTENTS - FEATURE ARTICLES: Steamboating Long Island Sound Style by Marilyn Weigold - 1 / Rescue over the Soviet Ambassador’s Residence by Martin J. Ingram With Introduction by Charles F. Howlett - ...