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    • Honoring Faculty and Staff Veterans 

      Meade, Richard "Bud" (Richard "Bud" Meade, 2021-08-12)
      This volume lists veterans and deceased military who were employed by SUNY Brockport, with brief biographies and photos where possible.
    • A New Master's Degree Program in Chemistry 

      College Senate (SUNY Brockport, College Senate, 2023-04-28)
      The Department of Chemistry is proposing to launch a new M.S. in Chemistry. To add value and distinctiveness to this offering, biochemistry is included under the umbrella of chemistry. Following the review of comparable ...
    • A New Actuarial and Data Science Major to Replace Tracks Within the Mathematics Major 

      College Senate (SUNY Brockport, College Senate, 2023-04-26)
      The Mathematics Department proposes to replace its Actuarial Mathematics and Statistics tracks with a standalone major in Actuarial and Data Science and make some small curricular updates to reflect new guidance from the ...
    • New Minor in Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Social Justice 

      College Senate (SUNY Brockport, College Senate, 2023-04-26)
      The DEISJ minor prepares students to lead DEISJ initiatives in a variety of organizational settings. The minor responds to the needs of governmental, non-profit, and corporate organizations who require employees who ...
    • Special Resolution for Dr. James Spiller 

      College Senate (SUNY Brockport, College Senate, 2022-05-22)
    • Recommendations for Implementation, Use and Review of New Instrument and System for Evaluatin of Teaching 

      College Senate (2023-03-27)
      This proposal outlines recommendations by the College Senate Faculty and Professional Staff Policies Committee for the implementation, use and future review of the new IAS survey instrument negotiated by UUP as well as the ...
    • Charles W. Howard Santa Claus School and Christmas Park, Albion, NY 

      Albion, NY Middle School (2021)
      This booklet was researched by Mr. Archer’s Albion Middle School seventh grade Service Learning students out of admiration for one of Albion’s great ambassadors, Charles W. Howard.
    • Mount Albion Cemetery 

      Albion Middle School (2023)
      This booklet covers the history of the cemetery along with notable monuments, caretakers of the cemetery and the 1879 plan of the cemetery, along with a wealth of other information. It is not a list of burials in the cemetery..
    • Caring For those with Dementia: How Can Evidence Based Care Support Healthcare to Improve Outcomes? 

      Curry, Melissa (SUNY Brockport, 2023-04)
      For healthcare professionals, a large percentage of the geriatric population in need of care has a diagnosis related to Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) (2019) estimate ...
    • Insight into the Salmonines of California 

      Ludwig, Jarrod (SUNY Brockport, 2023-04)
      California is home to an astounding 32 distinct species of salmonids with 20 of them being endemic and 21 of them being anadromous species, depicting the necessity of the Pacific Ocean. The California Current is one of ...
    • Rattus norvegicus hypothetical protein LOC685762 classification with in silico bioinformatics computational tools 

      Isereau, Allyson (SUNY Brockport, 2023-04)
      Computer software capable of protein analysis, such as bioinformatics tools, were used to help gain preferential, thorough, and accessible significant classifying information on a hypothetical protein of interest. The ...
    • New Master of Science in Computing Sciences 

      College Senate (SUNY Brockport, College Senate, 2023-04-06)
      The Department of Computing Science is proposing a new program, Master of Science in Computing Sciences. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts the demand for computer and information scientists will increase by 21% in ...
    • Incremental Implementation of General Education Program Proposal 

      College Senate (SUNY Brockport, College Senate, 2023-04-06)
      The General Education and Policies Committee of the Senate recommends that for Academic Year 2023-2024 the Critical Thinking and Reasoning competency be attached only to the Humanities Knowledge as per the original proposed ...
    • A New Major in Engineering Technology with Concentrations in Sustainable Energy, Advanced Manufacturing, and Semiconductor Materials. 

      College Senate (SUNY Brockport, College Senate, 2023-04-06)
      The Department of Physics, in collaboration with the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry and the Department of Earth Sciences, is [proposing to create a program in Engineering Technology. The proposed B.S. Engineering ...
    • Revision to MS.Ed in Bilingual Education (Spanish) 

      College Senate (SUNY Brockport, College Senate, 2023-04-06)
      Three proposed changes to the current MS.Ed. in Bilingual Education: (1) Make the program available in 100% online modality (shift from current 80% online modality); (2) expand from Spanish-English only to all languages ...
    • Revision to English MA Mode of Delivery 

      College Senate (SUNY Brockport, College Senate, 2023-04-06)
      The proposal is to request that the English MA be listed as a distance education program, with the possibility for students to complete the program 100% online.
    • Brockport Student Government Constitution 

      Brockport Student Government (SUNY Brockport Student Government, 1966)
      First constitution published by Brockport Student Government.
    • Revision to Honors College Curriculum for First-Year Students 

      College Senate (SUNY Brockport, College Senate, 2023-03-08)
      HON 112 is required for all first-year Honors students. It is a four-credit course that fulfills two GE (Q and W) and the APS requirements. APS SLOs (the fourth credit) are satisfied through a combination of instructional ...
    • Expand History Major (BS or BA) by 1 - 3 Credits from 36 to 37-39 Credits 

      College Senate (SUNY Brockport, College Senate, 2023-03-08)
      Expand the History major (not the Social Studies [Inclusive] Adolescent Education Majors) by 1 - 3 credits (from 36 to 37-39 credits) to require a letter-graded experiential and/or professional development course. Students ...
    • General Education Course Requirements 

      College Senate (SUNY Brockport, College Senate, 2023-02-17)
      The Senate General Education Curriculum and Policies Committee submits this progress report to Senate, including recommendations for course designations in the new knowledge areas of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Social ...