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    • Ballerina Tying Shoes (double-sided) 

      Cummings, Edward Estlin (2018-07-20)
    • Ballerina Tying Shoes (double-sided) side 2 

      Cummings, Edward Estlin (2018-07-20)
    • Ballet No Kata 

      Delorme, Katherine J. (2015-04-10)
      From early on in my childhood, my identity as a person was bound to one area of my life: dancing. Movement was always so essential to myself and overall well - being. I always separated myself from my peers at school: “I ...
    • Ballon over the stadium 

      Unknown author (1979-01-01)
      A ballon over the stadium.
    • Ballots on Salary Proposals 

      Unknown author (1969-02-10)
      COMPOSITE FACULTY SALARY PROPOSAL The Composite Faculty Salary Proposal includes the following points: 1) Teaching faculty will receive a nineteen percent increase across the board; 2) Teaching faculty will receive an ...
    • Bank Clerks Counting, Weighing and Inspecting Coins 

      Unknown author (1934-01-01)
      India. United Provinces. Bank Clerks Counting, Weighing and Inspecting Coins. Agra. (1934)
    • Bank of America Online Banking 

      Mohammed, Maimunatu (2013-04-20)
      The more people find it difficult to attend a physical bank site for transactions, the more they gravitate to IT Online Banking as their next alternative decision. As the usage of technology becomes a demand in society, ...
    • Bantry Bay 

      Unknown author (1935-08-01)
      Irish Free State. Bantry Bay. (August 1935)
    • Barb Gifford, interviewed by Jessy Blackburn 

      Tynan, Jacob; Blackburn, Jessy (2020-05-10)
      Barb Gifford was born and raised in Clifton Springs. She earned her Associate's Degree at Mohawk Valley Community College, and then transferred to SUNY Brockport, where she earned her Bachelor's Degree in Sociology. After ...
    • Barn Buildings and Yard of El Rasario Hacienda 

      Unknown author (1927-01-01)
      Mexico. Barn Buildings and Yard El Rasario Hacienda. Ten miles northwest of Mexico City. (1927)
    • Barnes & Noble Action on The Satanic Verses 

      Executive Committee (1989-03-27)
    • Barrage across Indus River 

      Unknown author (1933-01-01)
      India. Sind. Barrage across Indus River, Upper Side with High-Water Level. Sukkur. (January 1933)
    • Barre Center in 1913 

      Unknown author (1913-01-01)
      The hamlet of Barre Center in 1913.
    • Barriers to a nutrient dense diet for members of the low-income, inner city population 

      Parker, Caedran (2014-04-26)
      This project investigates various barriers to achieving a proper nutritional balance that is necessary to maintaining overall physical and mental wellness. It focuses specifically on barriers encountered by individuals who ...
    • Barry Targan: 3/7/1968 

      Targan, Barry (1968-03-07)
    • Barry Targan: 7/10/1981 

      Targan, Barry (1981-07-10)
    • BASC News and Views April 2008 

      Hintz, Anna (Brockport Auxiliary Service Corporation, 2008-04-01)
      BASC Employees of the Year .. End of Year Gathering 2The College’s New Logo .. Longevity Awards .. BASC’s Sustainability Plan 3 Safety Spotlight 4 Edun LIVE .. Eat Well, Live Well 5 Around the Water Cooler 6 Parking Permit ...
    • BASC News and Views April 2009 

      Hintz, Anna (Brockport Auxiliary Service Corporation, 2009-04-01)
      New BASC Logo .. Through the Tree TOPS p. 2 Congratulations Graduates .. RARES Employee Discounts .. Message to Union Employees .. Summer Schedules .. Condolences .. Red Wings Game p.3 Safety Spotlight p. 4 Sustainability ...
    • BASC News and Views April 2010 

      Hintz, Anna (Brockport Auxiliary Service Corporation, 2010-04-01)
      Sustainability Update 2 Parking Changes Coming Soon ... Dining Consultant Update ... Employee Scholarship Update ... Denim Dollars for Scholars 3 Safety Spotlight 4 Congratulations Graduates ... Investment Sessions ... ...
    • BASC News and Views April 2011 

      Hintz, Anna (Brockport Auxiliary Service Corporation, 2011-04-01)
      BASC Welcomes Staci Seeler .. Employee Contest Winner .. PTS Summer Plans .. Student Scholarship Winners 2 Congratulations Graduates .. Summer Schedules .. Retirement Accounts .. Condolences .. Longevity Awards 3 Safety ...