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    • Laying Down New Roots: the Impact of Community Gardening on Place Attachment and Subjective Well-being in a Bhutanese Refugee Population 

      Preiss, Danielle (2013-04-20)
      This presentation explores the impacts of community gardening participation among Bhutanese refugees in Rochester, NY. Community agriculture has been used with refugee groups as a food security strategy, but has not been ...
    • Lead in Our Communities: A Chemical, Sociological and Public Health Analysis 

      Nitti, Lana M. (2015-04-10)
      Childhood lead poisoning is still of great concern within the United States, particularly in underprivileged communities that are often home to minority populations. Oneida County, New York has one of the highest instances ...
    • Leadership Statement of Dissent 

      Executive Committee (1970-03-23)
      The Faculty Senate, the elected leaders of the Brockport Student Government, and the leaders of the Black Student Liberation Front cannot and will not condone or support violence or destruction or defacing of any kind, on ...
    • Leading the Way: Transfer Students Connect to Purchase College by Taking Action 

      Vespo, Paul J.; Rivera, Sullybeth (2015-04-10)
      Transfer students often struggle with the development of active engagement with their new campuses (Terris, 2008). Dawson and Dell (1997) suggest that transfer programs should be used to support students during the first ...
    • Learning Information Literacy for Everyone: Populating the Learning Object Repository 

      Nichols, James (2008-04-18)
      At SUNY Oswego we have come to view the classroom as one learning environment, and the library as another. Both environments have moved online in substantial ways, giving us opportunities to remove the barriers between the ...
    • Learning the Food System: Experience and Empowerment 

      Guptill, Amy; Ciliotta-Rubery, Andrea (2015-10-08)
      Professors Amy Guptill, PhD, and Andrea Ciliotta-Rubery, PhD, together with students, will reflect on their experiences with a 2015 summer field course entitled The Food System: Community and Politics. Students from the ...
    • Leather Dyer's Yard 

      Unknown author (1926-01-01)
      Turkey. Smyrna. Leather Dyer's Yard: Skins Hung Out to Dry after having Been Boiled in Dye. (1926)
    • Leave of Absence / Readmission Policies 

      Executive Committee (1999-05-03)
      Matriculated student polices for leave of absence, Degree in Absentia, and readmission in the college
    • Leave of Absence for undergraduate Students 

      Student Policies (1986-05-05)
    • Leben Und Lieben 

      Hoffmann, Markus M. (2002-01-01)
      Translates to "Living and Loving". A lively piece, enjoy!
    • Leinster House, Kildare Street 

      Unknown author (1935-08-01)
      Irish Free State. Dublin. Leinster House. Kildare Street. (August 1935)
    • Lena Rivers Dinner and a Movie 

      Unknown author (2014-08-06)
      Invitation to Friends of Drake Library sponsored event - "The Sin of Lena Rivers" Dinner and a Movie, Based on book by Brockport author, Mary Jane Holmes.
    • Lennon, Alice 

      Unknown author (2012-02-28)
      Alice Lennon was a daughter of William Lennon, long time science professor at Brockport. She graduated from Brockport in 1891, and then attended Smith College, graduating in 1895. She taught science here from 1896-1904, ...
    • Lennon, William 

      Unknown author (2012-02-27)
      William Lennon, pictured here about 1875, was a science teacher at Brockport, and later the vice-principal (i.e. vice-president) from 1869-1911. A native of Rensselaerville in Albany County, he was born in 1838, went to ...
    • Let There Be Light: Advocating for Affordable Utility Rates for Low-Income Consumers 

      Bruce, Mark; Coulon, Kyle; Guilford, William (2013-04-20)
      How does the PSC act to ensure just and reasonable utility rates for low income consumers, and how are they legally mandated to do so? This is a question that myself, my research partners and the ESWA would like to know ...
    • Letter to Legislature for Supplementary Budget Increase 

      Executive Committee (1975-04-14)
      Inasmuch as the Legislature has reduced the SUNY budget below that requested by State University and the Governor's budget, Be it resolved that the Faculty Senate strongly urges all individual Faculty members to write ...
    • Letters of Heroines 

      Lazatin, Justine C.; Beckman, Teresa; Hartnet, Danielle; Kindler, Molly; Roberts, Megan; Schlossel, Morgan; Willmarth, Alyssa (2015-04-10)
      There are moments in life when making progress feels arduous, goals seem unattainable, and attempts at resolution prove only to create more conflict. This contemporary jazz piece explores the physical and emotional ...
    • Level Country of Mohawk Valley 

      Unknown author (1916-01-01)
      Mohawk Valley, New York. Extent of comparatively level country, view Northeast. Near Whitesboro. (1916)
    • Level Country Southeast of Canastota 

      Unknown author (1916-01-01)
      New York. View North over level country, from escarpment southeast of Canastota. (1916)
    • Lewis Turco: 2/22/1968 

      Turco, Lewis (1968-02-22)