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    • John Engels 

      Unknown author (1998-11-01)
      John Engels visited The College at Brockport in November 1998. He was an award-winning poet.
    • John Gardner: 10/5/1977 

      Gardner, John (1977-10-05)
    • John Hollander: 02-13-1969 

      Hollander, John (1969-02-13)
      The poet John Hollander discusses his work in an interview recorded February 13, 1969.
    • John Holman: 2/5/1992 

      Holman, John (1992-02-05)
    • Joint College Senate and Brockport Student Government Anti-Racism Resolution 

      Executive Committee (2015-03-30)
      In light of disturbing instances of racism at the College at Brockport, the campus is uniting behind an Anti-Racism Resolution that allows us to affirm our determination to be an inclusive, diverse, safe and affirmative ...
    • Joke of Rock and Roll 

      Hoffmann, Markus M. (2002-01-13)
      I am not thinking of myself as a Rock'n Roll composer, but this is probably as close as I ever composed. Enjoy!
    • Jonis Agee: 03-26-1996 

      Agee, Jonis; Rubin, Stan Sanvel (1996-03-26)
      Jonis Agee is a poet, fiction writer, and professor of English. She earned her PhD in English and Creative Writing from Binghamton University and can claim three of her published titles as New York Times Notable Books. She ...
    • Jose Vales and Friends on Porch of His Hacienda Home 

      Unknown author (1925-05-01)
      Mexico. Jose Vales and Friends on Porch of His Hacienda Home. Granada, Yucatan. (May 1925)
    • Journalism and Broadcasting Major - minor restructuring 

      Undergraduate Curriculum and Policies (2010-11-15)
      Rearrange some of the course offerings in the Journalism and Broadcasting Major • Move CMC 324 Advanced Media Writing from a requirement in the Electronic/Print Journalism Concentration to the Core • Change core requirement ...
    • Journalism and Broadcasting Merger 

      Undergraduate Curriculum and Policies (2008-11-24)
      Combine the Broadcasting concentration with the Journalism Major to create a major that recognizes the convergence that is occurring in these fields. • Create a core that includes basic and advanced production courses, ...
    • Journey to Wholeness: Voices of Women LIVING With Disability 

      Snell, Linda; Lieberman, Lauren J.; Cruz, Luz M. (2014-10-02)
      The presenters asked 13 women living with a variety of disabilities to write about their experiences. A number of themes emerged from the examination of the women’s stories. Perhaps the most unexpected theme was that many ...
    • Joyce Carol Oates: 10-30-1980 

      Oates, Joyce Carol; Gerber, Philip L.; Robertson, Mary Elsie; Parshall, Rodney (1980-10-30)
      In an interview conducted the week before Ronald Reagan was elected president, Joyce Carol Oates discusses her novels Wonderland, Bellefleur, and Angel of Light; the process of writing a short story or novel; and political ...
    • Judean Wilderness 

      Unknown author (1912-01-01)
      Syria. Judean Wilderness. Syrian Shepherd and Flock in the Country of Amos. Near Tekoa.
    • Judith Ortiz Cofer 

      Unknown author (1999-12-01)
      Judith Ortiz Cofer visited The College at Brockport in December 1999. She is a critically-acclaimed author of poetry, short stories, and young-adult fiction.
    • Judith Ortiz Cofer: 12/1/1999 

      Cofer, Judith Ortiz (1999-12-01)
    • Julia Elliott: 09-27-2017 

      Elliott, Julia (2017-09-27)
    • July 4th Marks Bicentennial of Erie Canal Construction 

      Ballard, Matthew R. (County of Orleans, 2017-07-01)
      After the construction of the Erie Canal, Western New York became the "Bread Basket of the World" up until the start of the Civil War. The extreme drop in shipping prices from $.25 per bushel to $5.00 per ton marked a ...
    • Junco, Slate-Colored 

      Allen, Arthur A. (1918-04-01)
      Slate-Colored Junco By Arthur A. Allen. Photograph taken in Ithaca, New York.
    • Junco, Slate-Colored 

      Allen, Arthur A. (1914-01-01)
      Slate-Colored Junco By Arthur A. Allen. Photograph taken in January 1914.
    • Junco, Slate-Colored (Side View) 

      Bailey, Guy (1912-04-01)
      A side view of a Slate-Colored Junco By Guy Bailey. Photography taken in Geneseo, New York.