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    • Java: Making Batik, Girl Applying Wax with Copper Implement 

      Unknown author (2018-10-17)
      Java. Making Batik: Girl Applying Wax with Copper Implement.
    • Java: Mount Salak 

      Unknown author (2018-10-17)
      Java. Mount Salak, Cloud-capped; Palm Trees and Other Vegetation. Near Buitenzorg.
    • Java: Weltevreden, Bamboo Rafts, Women Washing Clothes 

      Unknown author (1924-01-01)
      Java. Weltevreden. Bamboo Rafts, Women Washing Clothes. (1924)
    • Java: Women Planting Rice 

      Unknown author (1932-01-01)
      Java. Women Planting Rice. (1932)
    • Jay, Blue 

      Beebe, R. H. (1905-01-01)
      Blue Jay By R.H. Beebe. Taken in Arcade.
    • Jeanette Banker (Class of '53), interviewed by Bruce Leslie 

      Tynan, Jacob; Leslie, Bruce (1999-04-16)
      Jeanette Banker was in the SUNY Brockport Class of 1953. She studied in the Elementary Education program. In this program, she was placed at Brockport's campus school as well as Rochester's #35 school. She worked in the ...
    • Jebel Haroun 

      Unknown author (1902-01-01)
      Syria. Near Petra. View on the way to Jebel Haroun (1902).
    • Jebel Maderah 

      Unknown author (2019-10-09)
      Syria. Jebel Maderah from the west.
    • Jenna Schlick, interviewed by Jessy Blackburn 

      Tynan, Jacob; Blackburn, Jessy (2019-11-18)
      Jenna Schlick attended Oriskany School District outside of Utica, which is a small school, her class consisting of only 53 students. She had previously considered going to beauty school in New York City and purse such a ...
    • Jennifer Ashton, interviewed by Morgan Besner 

      Tynan, Jacob; Besner, Morgan; Consiglio, Anthony (2020-03-06)
      Dr. Jennifer Ashton is a Professor at the State University of Brockport for Education, but more specifically, Special Education. Dr. Ashton started her professional Education career in New York as an Inclusive Sixth Grade ...
    • Jeweler Helped Start Cycling Club, Rotary in Albion 

      Ballard, Matthew R. (County of Orleans, 2017-10-28)
      As a charter member of the Albion Rotary Club and a member of the Masons Damascus Temple, John D. Daniels was a respected businessman in Albion.
    • Jill Campbell, interviewed by Layla Taha 

      Tynan, Jacob; Duru, Betul; Taha, Layla (2019-04-05)
      Jill Campbell was raised in the country near Buffalo in a large Catholic family. She attended Brockport, where she earned a Bachelor's in Speech. But she arrived at Brockport with the intention of majoring in Physical ...
    • Jillian Weise: 2/12/2020 

      Weise, Jillian (2020-02-12)
    • Jinrikiman Reading Paper 

      Unknown author (1930-01-01)
      Japan. Yokohama. Jinrikiman Reading Paper. (1930)
    • Jinrikishas at Boat Wharf 

      Unknown author (1930-01-01)
      Japan. Yokohama. Jinrikishas at Boat Wharf. (1930)
    • Joan D. Vinge: 04-08-1981 

      Vinge, Joan D.; Rubin, Stan Sanvel; Rich, Calvin; Kress, Nancy (1981-04-08)
      In an interview conducted the week before the first space shuttle launch, science fiction writer Joan Vinge reads from her novel The Snow Queen and discusses mythology, her background in anthropology, feminism, and her ...
    • Joanna Scott: 11/4/2020 

      Scott, Joanna (2020-11-04)
    • Joanna Scott: 12-02-2003 

      Scott, Joanna (2003-12-02)
      The novelist Joanna Scott talks with Ralph Black and Anne Panning about the craft of writing. They discuss elements such as character, setting and language, what it means to be an experimental writer, and other writers who ...
    • John A. Van de Wettering, interviewed by Kenneth O'Brien 

      Tynan, Jacob; O'Brien, Kenneth (2020-06-13)
      John A. Van de Wettering was President of SUNY Brockport from 1981 to 1997. Van de Wettering was the fourth president of the college. During his time as President Van de Wettering implemented an idea of “streamlining” ...
    • John Ashbery : 11-27-1972 

      Ashbery, John; Poulin, Alfred A. (1972-11-27)
      Alfred A. Poulin Jr. interviews the poet John Ashbery during the 5th season of the Brockport Writers Forum, on November 27, 1972. Ashbery reads from his works and discusses writers and other influences.