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    • Fruit and Vegetable Store, Girl Wearing Long Shawl 

      Unknown author (1924-01-01)
      Italy. Venice. Fruit and Vegetable Store, Girl Wearing Long Shawl. (1924)
    • Fuel utilization of Supported Treadmill Running 

      Lowe, Adam C.; Hokanson, James F. (2015-04-10)
      Supported treadmill running is used in clinical and athletic settings for rehabilitation and overcoming movement disabilities. Prescription for exercise intensity is difficult due to the added support during treadmill ...
    • Full and Equal Employment - Hiring Goals 

      Faculty and Professional Staff Policies (1978-05-15)
      WHEREAS, the College's Affirmative Action Officer has formally requested hiring goals for women and minorities from each administrative and academic unit as a vital aspect of the College's general Affirmative Action ...
    • Full Opportunities Program 

      Executive Committee (1970-05-04)
      Motion that SUC Brockport shall seek to enroll 300 minority-group students in the Full Opportunities Program by Fall 1970.
    • Fulton Memoirs 

      Maute, Betty (2015-03-20)
      A priority of I2NY – the Information Infrastructure for New York, a collaboration of libraries of all types – is “Library as Publisher”. Since 2013 a Work Group has presented webinars on the various ways libraries are ...
    • Functional Diversity of Understory Shrubs along an Elevation Gradient in the Atlantic Forest of Brazil 

      Caminha Paiva, Dario (2015-04-10)
      Along altitudinal gradients, factors such as less partial atmospheric CO2 pressure, and higher solar radiation promote water loss from plants. This tradeoff necessitates that plants possess morphological traits that promote ...
    • Fund Raising, Contribution and Acceptance Policy 

      Faculty and Professional Staff Policies (1990-10-29)
    • Funds for Wari Katarra Afro-American Cultural Center 

      Executive Committee (1970-05-04)
      Motion that the Faculty Senate support any individual senator's committee of one to solicit funds from faculty members for rebuilding, reconstructing, or replacing the Wari Katarra Afro-American Cultural Center.
    • Fur Sellers, Tiger and Leopard Furs 

      Unknown author (1912-01-01)
      India. Bengal. Fur Sellers, Tiger and Leopard Furs. Darjeeling. (1912)
    • Furniture Store 

      Unknown author (1934-05-01)
      Japan. Kyoto. Furniture Store. (May 1934)
    • Furniture Stores Served Multiple Roles a Century Ago 

      Ballard, Matthew R. (County of Orleans, 2017-01-28)
      Early furniture dealers doubled as undertakers who assisted families in preparing the home for wakes. Marhlon Stevens of Kendall operated one of these businesses before partnering with McNall & McNall Funeral Home.
    • Gail Hosking: 3/3/2021 

      Hosking, Gail (2021-03-03)
    • Gaillard Cut, Churn Drills Run by Compressed Air Making Openings for Dynamite Blasts 

      Unknown author (2018-11-26)
      Panama Canal. Gaillard (Culebra) Cut, Churn Drills Run by Compressed Air Making Openings for Dynamite Blasts.
    • Gaillard Cut, Looking North 

      Unknown author (1913-12-01)
      Panama Canal (completed). Gaillard (Culebra) Cut, Looking North: Gold Hill (right); Contractor's Hill (left); Cucaracha Slide, Dredges at Work. (Dec. 1913)
    • Gait Lab Validation of Direct Force Measurement in a Transfemoral Prosthesis 

      Garner, Dewayne L. (2015-04-10)
      Technological advancements in prosthetic limbs for individuals with lower-limb amputation have resulted in a number of microprocessor-controlled knee and ankle systems in the commercial market. Such systems have the potential ...
    • Gallagher Operated Pioneer Trucking Company in Medina 

      Ballard, Matthew R. (County of Orleans, 2017-08-23)
      Purchased in 1906 from George Hall, William Gallagher started his moving business out of this building on North Main Street in Medina. Gallagher was also responsible for constructing segments of Route 18 and Route 5 in ...
    • Gallery of a Minaret 

      Unknown author (1913-01-01)
      Egypt. Cairo. A muezzin performing the Adhan, the Islamic call to worship, from the gallery of a minaret.
    • Gallinule, Florida 

      Allen, Arthur A. (1914-06-25)
      Adult approaching nest filled with eggs. Photographed by Arthur A. Allen. Canoga, near Cayuga Lake, New York.
    • Galway Kinnell: 10/22/1969 

      Kinnell, Galway (1969-10-22)
    • Galway Kinnell: 11/5/1971 Part 1 

      Kinnell, Galway (1971-11-05)