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    • Yale, Alice 

      Unknown author (2012-03-01)
      Alice Yale taught art at Brockport. She was from Deansboro NY and received a BA from Syracuse and her MA from Columbia University. After teaching in public schools for several years, she came to Brockport in 1917, teaching ...
    • Yangtze River, Heavily Laden Junks 

      Unknown author (2018-10-15)
      China. Yangtze River. Heavily Laden Junks.
    • Yards of a Sugar Mill 

      Unknown author (1925-01-01)
      Guatemala. Yards of a Sugar Mill: Sugar Cane on Railroad Car; Sheds, Buildings. (1925)
    • Yates Man Employed with Panama Canal Project 

      Ballard, Matthew R. (County of Orleans, 2017-01-14)
      Fernando Wickham, a veteran of the 8th New York Heavy Artillery, found employment with the U.S. Government as an inspector of Lake Ontario shores before traveling to Colon, Panama as a superintendent on the Panama Canal ...
    • Yates Native Was Prominent Educator at Illinois College 

      Ballard, Matthew R. (County of Orleans, 2017-08-12)
      Arriving at Yates from Waterville College, Charles G. Fairman taught at the Yates Academy before an early promotion to the position of principal in 1853. After a successful stay at the institution, he eventually became the ...
    • Yellowlegs 

      Harper, Francis (1915-09-01)
      Yellowlegs By Francis Harper. Photograph taken in Mastic.
    • Yellowlegs 

      Allen, Arthur A. (1912-01-01)
      Yellowlegs By Arthur A. Allen. Taken at Cayuga Lake in Cayuga, New York.
    • Yellowthroat, Maryland 

      Allen, Arthur A. (1915-06-09)
      Adult females entering nest. Photographed by Arthur A. Allen.
    • Yoko Ono: Emotions to Art 

      Henrich, Emily R. (2015-04-10)
      By most of mainstream culture, Yoko Ono is perceived as the wild and weird artist who ultimately broke-up the Beatles. To the contrary, it was Ono’s very eclectic and creative mind that engendered conceptually innovative ...
    • You Are What You Eat-Use of Fatty Acid Signatures to Decipher Diet Composition 

      Hallenbeck, Sage M. (2015-04-10)
      YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT – USE OF FATTY ACID SIGNATURES TO DECIPHER DIET COMPOSITION Sage Hallenbeck1, Jacques Rinchard1, Austin Happel2, Sergiusz Czesny2 1 Department of Environmental Science and Biology, The College at ...
    • Young Man 

      Unknown author (1932-01-01)
      India. Sind. Young Man. Karachi. (1932)
    • Young Maori Girls Dancing the Poi Dance, Two Positions 

      Unknown author (2018-11-28)
      New Zealand. Young Maori Girls Dancing the Poi Dance, Two Positions. (1910)
    • Young Valley 

      Unknown author (1914-01-01)
      New York. Young Valley formed by House Creek; view south. Four miles above West Fulton, Schoharie County. (1914)
    • Young Woman (about 20 years of age), Kathiawar Province 

      Unknown author (1934-01-01)
      India. Bombay Presidency. Young Woman (about 20 years of age). Kathiawar province. (1934)
    • Youth in Detention: A Closer Look at Literature on Practices that Improve Care 

      Leising, Jennifer k (2014-04-26)
      The prevailing view of detention centers fails to recognize the best practices occurring in this setting. Out of the 1.7 million youth involved in juvenile courts, 21% are placed in a detention center (Mallett, Fukushima, ...
    • Zee Edgell 

      Unknown author (2000-02-01)
      Zee Edgell visited The College at Brockport in February 2000. She is a Belizean-American writer who was made a Member of the Order of the British Empire in 2007.
    • Ziba Roberts 

      Ballard, Matthew R. (County of Orleans, 2018-09-01)
      Ziba Roberts was born July 31, 1840 near East Shelby to Ziba and Susanna Wolcott Roberts. This image, which appears within A Brief History of the Twenty-Eighth Regiment New York State Volunteers by C. W. Boyce, shows Roberts ...
    • Zurab Tsereteli 

      Unknown author (1979-01-01)
      Zurab Tsereteli was a native of Georgia in the Soviet Union, and the sculptor of the statues on either side of the library. Prometheus and the fountain statues of "Happiness to the World" were a gift from the Soviet Union ...