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    • Qinghai Province and the Question of Chinese Rural Women’s Land Ownership Rights 

      Loebell, Daniel P. (2015-04-10)
      Article 30 of the 2005 People’s Republic of China Law on the Protection of Women’s Rights stipulates that women enjoy equal rights to property as men. However, issues of marital status, patriarchal social structure, and ...
    • Qualities of Effective Transition Leaders in a Changing School Landscape 

      Christensen, Eric (2013-04-20)
      This poster describes a set of distilled human characteristics and qualities that describe effective leadership/leaders within changing school settings. Data gathered emerges from multiple employee perspectives including ...
    • Quality Points for Minors and Majors 

      Executive Committee (1969-10-20)
      Approves the policy that a 2.0 GPA be required for graduation in both the major and minor academic field. Amended to make policy official for students entering Brockport in 1970 and for those achieving Junior status in 1970.
    • Quantification of Xpo7 alternative splice variant using quantitative polymerase chain reaction 

      Sandhu, Praneet Kaur Kaur (2014-04-26)
      Erythroid terminal differentiation (ETD) describes the latest stages of erythrocyte differentiation where precursor cells undergo biochemical and structural changes to develop into functional red blood cells. Previous ...
    • Quantifying Forces on Strongly Absorbing Materials Rotating in Optical Traps 

      Kropas, Ryan; Sobel, Emily (2015-04-10)
      Quantifying Forces on Strongly Absorbing Materials Rotating in Optical Traps Optical trapping or “tweezing” is a laser-based method of micron-scale material manipulation, exploiting the forces produced by light refracting ...
    • Quantitative Skills Requirement for Transfer Students without Associates Degree 

      Undergraduate Curriculum and Policies (1990-02-26)
    • Quasar Emission Line Variability from Hubble Space Telescope Archive Data 

      Hogan, Kasey M. (2015-04-10)
      Using the Hubble Space Telescope Archive (HST), flux variations in low-redshift (z < 1.7) quasar spectra were measured and analyzed. Flux variations were measured for the Ly? ?1216 broad emission line (BEL), CIV ?1549 BEL, ...
    • Queering the Schools: How to Make Your Classroom a Safe Zone 

      Laurenzi, Carolyn (2013-04-20)
      This presentation uses a Queer Theory lens to focus on how young peoples’ identity are partly shaped by how and what they learn in school. Through a queer pedagogy, students who identify not only as lesbian, gay, bisexual, ...
    • R.R. Bridge over Hudson River 

      Unknown author (1927-01-01)
      View from west side of N.Y.C. and the H. R.R. R. Bridge over the Hudson River.
    • Race of Observer May Mediate Verbal Overshadowing Effects 

      Kolock, Cassandra C. (2015-04-10)
      Race of Observer May Mediate Verbal Overshadowing Effects Verbally describing a face can impair later visual identification of that face. The “verbal overshadowing” effect (Schooler & Engster-Schooler, 1990) ...
    • Racial Justice and Diversity, What’s the Difference? 

      Unknown author (2013-09-19)
      Abstract: Diversity is not enough. Fifty years after the Voting Rights Act, America is still a place where people of color continue to get the short end of the stick. How do our American institutions (schools, judicial ...
    • Racial Microaggressions: How They Impact On College Students’ Perceptions of the Campus Climate 

      Wintrob, Juliana H. (2015-04-10)
      Using intersectionality theory, this research examines student perceptions of the racial campus climate at the State University of New York at New Paltz. Utilizing a purposive sample, forty students were interviewed to ...
    • Radiating Absence 

      Dodd, Sarah (2015-04-10)
      When approaching the choreographic process, I was drawn to the structure and relationships found in a short play entitled Nothing To Fear But…by Jordan Diggory. I first saw the play performed by five actresses as part of ...
    • Radical Populism: A New Pragmatic Revolt in Politics 

      Smith, Daniel (2015-04-10)
      Pragmatism is a philosophical movement which originated in the United States around 1870; it argues that truth can be determined by focusing on the practical consequences of actions or ideas rather than through abstract ...
    • Rail, Virginia 

      Allen, Arthur A. (1910-01-01)
      Virginia Rail By Arthur A. Allen. Taken in Ithaca, New York.
    • Rail, Virginia 

      Bailey, G. A. (1911-06-01)
      Adult incubating, side view. Photographed by G.A. Bailey. Long Branch, New York.
    • Rail, Virginia 

      Allen, Arthur A. (1910-06-01)
      Rail, Virginia. Adult with Wings Extended Balancing Itself on Wire Fence. Photographed by Arthur A. Allen. Renwick, near Ithaca, New York. (June 19, 1910)
    • Railroad Train Passing through Canyon 

      Unknown author (1922-01-01)
      Mexico. Eastern Sierra Madre. Railroad Train Passing through Canyon. Between Verz Cruz and Mexico City. (1922)
    • Railroad view 

      Cummings, Edward Estlin (2018-07-17)
      Watercolor on paper
    • Railway Freight Yard 

      Unknown author (1929-09-01)
      Denmark. Copenhagen. Railway Freight Yard. (September 1929)