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    • Study of Brain Computer Interfacing (BCI) with Cochlear Implant as an Example 

      Roy, Debsuta; Hash, Larry; Advisor (2016-08)
      Brain Computer interfacing (BCI) has been under constant research to improvise the pathway amongst the brain and outside subject in several characteristics. This technology is being widely appreciated as the world tends ...
    • Substrate dielectric effects on graphene field effect transistors 

      Hu, Zhaoying; Sinha, Dhiraj Prasad; Lee, Ji Ung; Liehr, Michael (Journal of Applied Physics, 2014)
      Graphene is emerging as a promising material for future electronics and optoelectronics applications due to its unique electronic structure. Understanding the graphene-dielectric interaction is of vital importance for the ...
    • SUNYIT History 

      Swann, John; Narrator; Panebianco, Anthony; Dean-Kelly, Louise; Sarner, Ronald; Novillo, Jorge; Torok, Carol; Schabert, Daniel; Hakken, David; Connors, Frances; Hall, James Allan; Smith, Milt; Hochberg, Michael; Murray, Sharon; Murabito, William; Wranesh Cook, Mary Lou; Harris, Malcolm "Bud"; Ouderkirk, Sandra (SUNY IT Instructional Resources, 2007-01)
      Oral history of SUNYIT from Faculty and Staff.
    • Supplemental Teaching Tools: Will They Help Students Improve Their Learning Capabilities? 

      Cirillo, Mary Catherine (2012-12-01)
      This project explores the use of supplemental teaching tools as an aid to a traditional lecture course. The website is geared for a community college course in Advertising and/or History of Visual Communication. I also ...
    • Supporting Interactive Fundraising for Gen X Cancer Survivors and Co-Survivors in the New England Area 

      Winters, Robert (2015-12)
      Two theories were used in creating the application. The first, Human Centered Design accounts for a number of factors which support a design in being user-friendly and highly functional. The second, Engestrom’s Activity ...
    • Surface oxidation of the topological insulator Bi2Se3 

      Green, Avery J.; Dey, Sonal; An, Yong Q.; O'Brien, Brendan; O'Mullane, Samuel; Thiel, Bradley; Diebold, Alain C. (Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology A: Vacuum, Surfaces, and Films, 2016)
      An understanding of the aging and oxidation of the (0001) surface of Bi2Se3 is critical to a comprehensive physical picture of its topologically protected surface states. Here, the authors contribute new experimental ...
    • Swarm Intelligence in the Multi Agent System Environment 

      Bollam, Sravani; Sengupta, Saumendra; Adviser; Chiang, Chen-Fu; Reviewer; Rezk, Mohamed; Reviewer (2016-12-20)
      This thesis is focused on the use of naturally occurring concept of “swarm intelligence” to multiagentcsystems, namely the relatively new system-theoretic framework known as Swarm Intelligence Systems (SIS). In this work, ...
    • The Synchronological Charting of The Evolution of Electronic Communications 

      Conklin, Donald; Kahn, Russell; Thesis Adviser; Stam, Kathryn; Second Reader (SUNY Polytechnic Institute, 2019-05)
      From 1850s to the present time, electronic communications have been evolving from the analog transmission of harmonics over a singular wire connected to boxes with a single hole for transmitting and receiving to texting, ...
    • Synthesis and properties of ferromagnetic nanostructures embedded within a high-quality crystalline silicon matrix via ion implantation and nanocavity assisted gettering processes 

      Malladi, Girish; Huang, Mengbing; Murray, Thomas; Novak, Steven; Matsubayashi, Akitomo; LaBella, Vincent; Bakhru, Hassaram (Journal of Applied Physics, 2014)
      Integrating magnetic functionalities with silicon holds the promise of developing, in the most dominant semiconductor, a paradigm-shift information technology based on the manipulation and control of electron spin and ...
    • Teaching of SQL Through a Game 

      Ward, Patrick T. (2015-05-01)
      The project seeks to provide an effective alternate method for teaching SQL through the use of a Game. There is value in learning SQL, as SQL skills are still in the top ten list of sought after IT skills for 2015 (Greenspan, ...
    • A Technology Case Study on Integrating Open Stack with SDN for Internet Connectivity using BGP 

      Gonuguntla, Raja Bhushan Rao; Hash, Larry; Advisor (2016-12)
      There were many developments in Internet usage, which resulted in significant increase in Internet routing. With existing networking infrastructure, it is difficult to meet these requirements and causing more cost and less ...
    • Technology Case Study on Web Real-Time Communications (WebRTC) 

      Karnati, Nagarjuna; Hash, Larry; Adviser (2016-05-01)
      Web real-time communication (WebRTC) is the latest technology standard which enables web browsers to communicate directly without having to install any internal or external plug-ins. WebRTC fills a critical gap in the web ...
    • Thermal coefficient of resistivity of ultrathin Ag films deposited on Cu for applications in emerging interconnect systems 

      Tatem, Elroy A.; Kaloyeros, Alain E.; Eisenbraun, Eric T. (Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B, Nanotechnology and Microelectronics: Materials, Processing, Measurement, and Phenomena, 2014)
      As the semiconductor industry continues to scale feature sizes, scattering from phonons, surfaces, and grain boundaries results in a significant increase in metal interconnect resistivity. In this work, a thin Ag capping ...
    • Tracking quintuple layer oxidation on cleaved Bi2Se3 by optical second-harmonic anisotropy 

      An, Yong Q.; Green, Avery J.; Diebold, Alain C. (Physical Review B, 2016)
      We find that the major and minor intensity lobes of a measured rotational-anisotropy pattern of optical second-harmonic generation (SHG) from a cleaved Bi2Se3 (111) surface can gradually change with time and eventually ...
    • Transiently stimulated second-harmonic generation from silicon nanogratings 

      An, Yong Q.; Diebold, Alain C. (American Physical Society, 2017-11-29)
      We observe that second-harmonic (SH) light generated by a femtosecond probe pulse from Si nanograting surfaces can be enhanced by a correlating pump pulse. Time-resolved anisotropy analysis shows that the enhancement arises ...
    • Traumatic Events in School-aged Children: Real and Perceived 

      Hohall, Dawna; Puff, Lori; advisor (2018-04-20)
      Presenting what is and what causes trauma in school-aged children, the signs & symptoms of children suffering from trauma, and how to assist the child suffering from trauma.
    • tRNA modification detection using graphene nanopores: A simulation study 

      Onanuga, Khadijah; Begley, Thomas J.; Chen, Alan A.; Ranganathan, Srivathsan V. (MDPI AG, 2017-08-25)
      There are over 100 enzyme-catalyzed modifications on transfer RNA (tRNA) molecules. The levels and identity of wobble uridine (U) modifications are affected by environmental conditions and diseased states, making wobble U ...
    • Underground Greens 

      Carambia, Christina; Boylan, Kristina; advisor (2018-04-20)
      A startup farm business, Underground Greens, owned by SUNY Poly student Christina Carambia offers a series of workshops in the local community, including a beginner's guide to starting your own seedlings. A specific ...
    • Understanding magnetic focusing in graphene p-n junctions through quantum modeling 

      LaGasse, Samuel W.; Lee, Ji Ung (Physical Review B, 2017-04-21)
      We present a quantum model which provides enhanced understanding of recent transverse magnetic focusing experiments on graphene p-n junctions. Spatially resolved flow maps of local particle current density show quantum ...
    • University Class Using Podcasting in Teaching 

      Sun, Tianren (2008-11-01)
      'Podcast' has been declared Word of the Year 2005 by editors of the New Oxford American Dictionary, reported the BBS News in 2005. As a method of publishing audio files (usually MP3) to the web, which are then made available ...