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    • Risk Evaluation for Campus Area Network 

      Bhoite, Akshay S.; Basnet, Diwash; Kholidy, Hisham (2018-04-20)
      The development of a risk evaluation model for the campus area network allows it to cover the entire life-cycle of vulnerability assessment by simulating a virtual network as a campus area network.
    • Role of Ge and Si substrates in higher-k tetragonal phase formation and interfacial properties in cyclical atomic layer deposition-anneal Hf1-xZrxO2/Al2O3 thin film stacks 

      Dey, Sonal; Tapily, Kandabara; Consiglio, Steven; Clark, Robert D.; Wajda, Cory S.; Leusink, Gert J.; Woll, Arthur R.; Diebold, Alain C. (Journal of Applied Physics, 2016)
      Using a five-step atomic layer deposition (ALD)-anneal (DADA) process, with 20 ALD cycles of metalorganic precursors followed by 40 s of rapid thermal annealing at 1073 K, we have developed highly crystalline Hf1-xZrxO2 ...
    • Routing Protocols for MANETs 

      Muchintala, Priyanka Reddy; Hash, Larry; Advisor (2016-08)
      This technology case study focuses on the routing protocols used in mobile ad-hoc networks. For any wireless ad-hoc network, routing is the main concept. Proactive and reactive routing protocols are two such approaches. ...
    • Safety and efficacy of megakaryocytes induced from hematopoietic stem cells in murine and nonhuman primate models 

      Guan, Xin; Qin, Meng; Zhang, Yu; Wang, Yanan; Shen, Bin; Ren, Zhihua; Ding, Xinxin; Dai, Wei; Jiang, Yongping (Stem Cells Translational Medicine, 2016)
      Because of a lack of platelet supply and a U.S. Food and Drug Administration-approved platelet growth factor, megakaryocytes have emerged as an effective substitute for alleviating thrombocytopenia. Here, we report the ...
    • Scalable fabrication of coupled NV center - photonic crystal cavity systems by self-aligned N ion implantation 

      Schröder, Tim; Walsh, Michael; Zheng, Jiabao; Mouradian, Sara L.; Li, Luozhou; Malladi, Girish; Bakhru, Hassaram; Lu, Ming; Stein, Aaron; Heuck, Mikkel; Englund, Dirk (2017, 2017)
      Towards building large-scale integrated photonic systems for quantum information processing, spatial and spectral alignment of single quantum systems to photonic nanocavities is required. Here, we demonstrate spatially ...
    • Secure Routing in Mobile Ad-hoc Networks 

      Jadhav, Sumedh; Hash, Larry; Adviser (2016-05-01)
      The detailed study investigates the various problems faced by Mobile Ad hoc Networks because of their inherent characteristics. The characteristics make these networks vulnerable to various attacks. The attack known to be ...

      Patil, Pradnya; Hash, Larry; Advisor; White, Joshua; Reviewer; Tekeoglu, Ali, Reviewer (2018-05)
      This study analyzes how security challenges caused by data and control layer separation in the SDN, such as Denial of Service attacks and unauthorized access attacks, limit SDN deployment. This study also offers network ...
    • Self-Study 2016: A Self-Study Submitted to the Middle States Commission on Higher Education 

      SUNY Polytechnic Institute (2016-01-06)
      The narrative and appendices contained herein comprise the revised Self Study document for SUNY Polytechnic Institute (SUNY Poly) as part of its decennial evaluation by the Middle States Commission of Higher Education ...
    • Social Media Emoji Analysis, Correlations and Trust Modeling 

      Preisendorfer, Matthew; Sengupta, Sam; Adviser; White, Joshua; Adviser; Tekeoglu, Ali; Adviser (2018-01-18)
      Twitter is an ever-growing social-media platform where users post tweets, or small messages, for all of their followers to see and react to. This is old news of course, as the platform first launched over ten years ago. ...
    • Spanning Tree Protocol 

      Kasu, Sivalasya; Hash, Larry; Adviser; Marsh, John; Reviewer; Bull, Ronny; Reviewer (2015-05-21)
      This technology case study focuses on Spanning Tree Protocol (STP). The Spanning Tree Protocol is a layer2 protocol that ensures a loop free topology for any LAN network. The basic function of STP is to prevent loops in ...
    • Spectral element method for stability analysis of milling processes with discontinuous time-periodicity 

      Lehotzky, David; Insperger, Tamas; Khasawneh, Firas; Stepan, Gabor (International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, 2017)
      This paper presents an application of the spectral element method for the stability analysis of regenerative machine tool chatter models in milling operations. An extension of the spectral element method is introduced in ...
    • Strategic Plan 2020 

      Durgin, William (2012-12-01)
      As a polytechnic institution, SUNYIT offers professional, technical and liberal arts programs, combining theory and practice to prepare graduates for rewarding careers that will enable them to be contributing members of ...
    • Strong photoluminescence enhancement of silicon oxycarbide through defect engineering 

      Ford, Brian; Tabassum, Natasha; Nikas, Vasileios; Gallis, Spyros (Materials, 2017-04-23)
      The following study focuses on the photoluminescence (PL) enhancement of chemically synthesized silicon oxycarbide (SiCxOy) thin films and nanowires through defect engineering via post-deposition passivation treatments. ...
    • Struggling to start over: human rights challenges for Somali Bantu refugees in the United States 

      Coughlan, Reed; Stam, Kathryn; Kingston, Lindsey (Taylor and Francis, 2015-07-09)
      Despite persistent challenges to successful refugee resettlement in the United States, migration from Somalia has attracted little widespread attention from human rights scholars. Utilizing longitudinal data from qualitative ...
    • Study of Brain Computer Interfacing (BCI) with Cochlear Implant as an Example 

      Roy, Debsuta; Hash, Larry; Advisor (2016-08)
      Brain Computer interfacing (BCI) has been under constant research to improvise the pathway amongst the brain and outside subject in several characteristics. This technology is being widely appreciated as the world tends ...
    • Substrate dielectric effects on graphene field effect transistors 

      Hu, Zhaoying; Sinha, Dhiraj Prasad; Lee, Ji Ung; Liehr, Michael (Journal of Applied Physics, 2014)
      Graphene is emerging as a promising material for future electronics and optoelectronics applications due to its unique electronic structure. Understanding the graphene-dielectric interaction is of vital importance for the ...
    • SUNYIT History 

      Swann, John; Narrator; Panebianco, Anthony; Dean-Kelly, Louise; Sarner, Ronald; Novillo, Jorge; Torok, Carol; Schabert, Daniel; Hakken, David; Connors, Frances; Hall, James Allan; Smith, Milt; Hochberg, Michael; Murray, Sharon; Murabito, William; Wranesh Cook, Mary Lou; Harris, Malcolm "Bud"; Ouderkirk, Sandra (SUNY IT Instructional Resources, 2007-01)
      Oral history of SUNYIT from Faculty and Staff.
    • Surface oxidation of the topological insulator Bi2Se3 

      Green, Avery J.; Dey, Sonal; An, Yong Q.; O'Brien, Brendan; O'Mullane, Samuel; Thiel, Bradley; Diebold, Alain C. (Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology A: Vacuum, Surfaces, and Films, 2016)
      An understanding of the aging and oxidation of the (0001) surface of Bi2Se3 is critical to a comprehensive physical picture of its topologically protected surface states. Here, the authors contribute new experimental ...
    • Swarm Intelligence in the Multi Agent System Environment 

      Bollam, Sravani; Sengupta, Saumendra; Adviser; Chiang, Chen-Fu; Reviewer; Rezk, Mohamed; Reviewer (2016-12-20)
      This thesis is focused on the use of naturally occurring concept of “swarm intelligence” to multiagentcsystems, namely the relatively new system-theoretic framework known as Swarm Intelligence Systems (SIS). In this work, ...
    • Synthesis and properties of ferromagnetic nanostructures embedded within a high-quality crystalline silicon matrix via ion implantation and nanocavity assisted gettering processes 

      Malladi, Girish; Huang, Mengbing; Murray, Thomas; Novak, Steven; Matsubayashi, Akitomo; LaBella, Vincent; Bakhru, Hassaram (Journal of Applied Physics, 2014)
      Integrating magnetic functionalities with silicon holds the promise of developing, in the most dominant semiconductor, a paradigm-shift information technology based on the manipulation and control of electron spin and ...