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    • Genesis: 1993 

      Buehler, Theresa; Editor; Bzura, Rich; Photo Coordinator; Retzloff, Elaine; Marketing Manager; Landry, Kelly; Advisor (1993-05-01)
    • Genesis: 1994: Nothing Compares 

      Peckham, Karen; Editor; Kanger, Kristen; Photographer; Lewis, Sandra; Marketing Coordinator; Allen, Scott; Editor; Retzloff, Elaine; Marketing Coordinator (1994-05-01)
    • Genesis: 1995: The Beginning of Forever 

      Unknown author (1995-05-01)
    • Genesis: 1997: You Don't Say 

      Wilson, Tricia L.; Editor; Canell, Jon; Staff; Azzarello, Andy; Staff (1997-05-01)
    • Genesis: 1998: New Horizons 

      Azzarello, Andy; Editor; Murphy, Michelle; Staff; Santiago, Wendy; Staff; Canell, Jon; Staff; Patel, Jankl; Staff; Smith, Denise; Staff; Savage, Rich; Staff; Garrett, David; Advisor (1998-05-01)
    • Genesis: 1999: The Final Touch 

      Murphy, Michelle; Editor; Patel, Janki; Staff; Converse, Denise; Staff (1999-05-01)
    • Genesis: 2000: The Beginning of the End 

      Converse, Denise; Senior Editor; Caulrick, Omoniyi; Junior Editor; Kelly, Dave; Photographic Coordinator; McNulty, Jason; Layout Editor; Feesche, Veronika; Graphics Guru (2000-05-01)
    • Genesis: 2001 

      Kelly, David J.; Senior Editor/Chief Photographer; Evans, Sue; Faculty Advisor; Garrett, David; Advisor; Dozois, Patty; Layout Editor; Feesche, Veronika; Graphics Guru; Fermin, Monalisa; Junior Editor (2001-05-01)
    • Genesis: 2010 

      Cabral, Stephanie; Senior Editor; Smerka, Mike; Junior Editor; Quashie, Jean-Paul; Layout Editor; Gitven, Dexter; Photographer; Jones, Tyler; Photographer; Jones, Kevin; Photographer; Trotman, Stefan; Photographer (2010-05-01)
    • Genesis: 2011 

      Cabral, Stephanie; Senior Editor; Jones, Kevin; Junior Editor; Quashie, Jean-Paul; Layout Designer; Dansereau, Andrea; Layout Designer; Girven, Dexter; Photographer; Trotman, Stephen; Photographer; Sebro, Shelby; Photographer; LaMarco, Alaina; Photographer; Grenci, Adam; Publicity Coordinator (2011-05-01)
    • Genesis: 2012 

      Jones, Kevin; Senior Editor; Danserau, Andrea; Junior Editor; Landstrom, Megan; Layout Designer; Muhimpundu, Vasta; Layout Designer; Girven, Dexter; Photographer; Sebro, Shelby; Photographer; Richardson, Travis; Photographer; Furco, Gary; Photographer (2012-05-01)
    • Genesis: 2013 

      Richardson, Travis; Senior Editor; Lumsden-Wallace, Cherese; Layout Designer; Sasidhar Bantu, Srinivasa; Layout Designer; Sebro, Shelby; Photographer; Mitra, Sankrit; Photographer; Joseph, Micaela; Photographer (2013-05-01)
    • Genesis: 2014 

      Richardson, Travis; Senior Editor; Valerio, Jerson; Layout Designer; Lumsden-Wallace, Cherese; Layout Designer; Caster, Helen; Photographer - Spring Semester; Getchell, Devin; Photographer- Fall Semester; Luo, Zele; Photographer; Ortiz, Joshua; Photographer - Spring Semester; Smith, Tiffany; Photographer- Fall Semester (2014-05-01)
    • Genesis: 2015 

      Unknown author (2015-06-01)
    • Genesis: 2017 

      Unknown author (2017-06-01)
    • A Genetic Algorithm for Locating Acceptable Structure Models of Systems (Reconstructability Analysis) 

      Heath, Joshua; Cavallo, Roger; Advisor; Reale, Michael; Reviewer; Sengupta, Saumendra; Reviewer (2018-05)
      The emergence of the field of General Systems Theory (GST) can be best attributed to the belief that all systems, irrespective of context, share simple, organizational principles capable of being mathematically modeled w ...
    • Genetic Analysis of the Indri Reveals No Evidence of Distinct Subspecies 

      Brenneman, Rick; McLain, Adam; Taylor, Justin; Zaonarivelo, John; Lei, Runhua; McGuire, Susie; Andriantompohavana, Rambinintsoa; Rylands, Anthony; Louis Jr., Edward (Springer, 2016-07-25)
      Subspecies were traditionally defined by identifying gaps between phenotypes across the geographic range of a species, and may represent important units in the development of conservation strategies focused on preserving ...
    • Geometric algebra and information geometry for quantum computational software 

      Cafaro, Carlo (Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications, 2017-03-15)
      The art of quantum algorithm design is highly nontrivial. Grover’s search algorithm constitutes a masterpiece of quantum computational software. In this article, we use methods of geometric algebra (GA) and information ...
    • The Global Module Project: Developing and Troubleshooting Online Discussion Session between Empire State College Students Based in Panama and SUNYIT Students from New York State 

      Rodick, Alena (2013-05-01)
      The purpose of this project was to set up an online cross-cultural collaboration module between students located around New York State and another group in Panama City, Panama. Using cognitive psychology approaches to ...
    • Google Glass In the Classroom 

      Nicosia, Sylvia Navarro (2015-05-01)
      This project is a prototype application for Google Glass that would help horticultural students with the difficult task of plant identification. The main purpose is to determine if a wearable device, embedded with augmented ...