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    • Password Habits of Security Literate Individuals 

      Mahesh, Namrata; Hash, Larry; Advisor; Marsh, John; Reviewer; White, Joshua; Reviewer (2018-05)
      In the age of the Internet, the common user has accounts on multiple websites. Basic account authentication has a username and a password. While username may be common knowledge, passwords are secret, and it is important ...
    • People’s Perception of Smart Home Devices in their Homes & the Factors which Influence this Perception 

      Thakur, Versha; Hash, Larry; Adviser; Marsh, John; Reviewer; Tekeoglu, Ali; Reviewer (2016-12-01)
      This thesis is to determine people’s perception of Smart home devices and the factors which influence this perception. Smart Home devices are becoming more common as many companies are launching various such devices. ...
    • Platinum and palladium oxalates: positive-tone extreme ultraviolet resists 

      Sortland, Miriam; Hotalen, Jodi; Del Re, Ryan; Passarelli, James; Murphy, Michael; Kulmala, Tero; Ekinci, Yasin; Neisser, Mark; Freedman, Daniel; Brainard, Robert (Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE), 2015-12-24)
      Here, we present platinum and palladium mononuclear complexes with EUV photosensitivity and lithographic performance. Many platinum and palladium complexes show little or no EUV sensitivity; however, we have found that ...
    • Preparation of gallium nitride surfaces for atomic layer deposition of aluminum oxide 

      Kerr, A. J.; Chagarov, E.; Gu, S.; Kaufman-Osborn, T.; Madisetti, S.; Wu, J.; Asbeck, P. M.; Oktyabrsky, S.; Kummel, A. C. (Journal of Chemical Physics, 2014)
      A combined wet and dry cleaning process for GaN(0001) has been investigated with XPS and DFTMD modeling to determine the molecular-level mechanisms for cleaning and the subsequent nucleation of gate oxide atomic layer ...
    • Process development for high resolution hydrogen silsesquioxane patterning using a commercial scanner for extreme ultraviolet lithography 

      Desai, Vishal; Mellish, Mac; Bennett, Stephen; Cady, Nathaniel (American Vacuum Society, 2017-02)
      The semiconductor industry is transitioning toward the use of extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography as a next generation patterning technology. There are currently only a limited number of high resolution EUV photoresists ...
    • Productivity and Effectiveness of Working from Home 

      Baker, Katie; Berardino, Lisa, Advisor (2020 Student Project Showcase, SUNY Polytechnic Institute, 2020-04)
      Human Resource Management is recently taking a global shift in transitioning office workers into practicing work from home procedures. With the recent outbreak and rapid spread of COVID-19 in early 2020 innovations in ...
    • Program for 2018 Student Project Showcase 

      Hewitt, Rebecca; Pritting, Shannon; Parker, Jennifer; Volo, Kevin (2018-04-20)
      This program contains the entries for all students who submitted projects to be entered in the Showcase, including the team member names and the abstracts for the projects.
    • Pulse width and height modulation for multi-level resistance in bi-layer TaOx based RRAM 

      Alamgir, Zahiruddin; Beckmann, Karsten; Holt, Joshua; Cady, Nathaniel C. (AIP Publishing, 2017-08-11)
      Mutli-level switching in resistive memory devices enables a wide range of computational paradigms, including neuromorphic and cognitive computing. To this end, we have developed a bilayer tantalum oxide based resistive ...
    • Pulsed-N2 assisted growth of 5-20 nm thick β−W films 

      Narasimham, Avyaya J.; Green, Avery; Matyi, Richard J.; Khare, Prasanna; Vo, Tuan; Diebold, Alain; LaBella, Vincent P. (AIP Advances, 2015)
      A technique to deposit 5-20 nm thick β-phase W using a 2-second periodic pulse of 1 sccm-N2 gas on Si(001) and SiN(5 nm)/Si(001) substrates is reported. Resistivity, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and X-ray reflectivity ...
    • Putative Role for METTL1 in Human Gliobastoma 

      Seaman, Jessica; Endres, Lauren (2017-04)
      Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) is a deadly cancer affecting the late adult and elderly population. Although GBM can be subdivided into a number of distinct types, aberrant methylation effects define certain subtypes, such ...
    • Rapid trench initiated recrystallization and stagnation in narrow Cu interconnect lines 

      O'Brien, Brendan; Rizzolo, Michael; Prestowitz, Luke; Dunn, Kathleen (American Institute of Physics, 2015-09-01)
      Understanding and ultimately controlling the self-annealing of Cu in narrow interconnect lines has remained a top priority in order to continue down-scaling of back-end of the line interconnects. Recently, it was hypothesized ...
    • Redox control of senescence and age-related disease 

      Chandrasekaran, Akshaya; Idelchik, Maria del Pilar Sosa; Melendez, J. Andrés (Redox Biology, 2017-03)
      The signaling networks that drive the aging process, associated functional deterioration, and pathologies has captured the scientific community's attention for decades. While many theories exist to explain the aging process, ...
    • Representational State Transfer as a Web Service 

      Desai, Dhruv; Sengupta, Sam; Adviser; Novillo, Jorge; Reviewer; Andriamanalimanana, Bruno; Reviewer (2015-12-01)
      This report is a study on Representational State Transfer architectural style and its usefulness for implementing web service. This report will highlight the differences in perceiving REST as an architectural style and as ...
    • Retinal Segmentation 

      Addanki, Niranjan (2018-04-20)
      For convolutional neural networks for retinal vessel segmentation and classification, we classify arteries and veins in the retina of the eye. The long term goal is to support ophthalmologists to detect early stages of ...
    • Risk Evaluation for Campus Area Network 

      Bhoite, Akshay S.; Basnet, Diwash; Kholidy, Hisham (2018-04-20)
      The development of a risk evaluation model for the campus area network allows it to cover the entire life-cycle of vulnerability assessment by simulating a virtual network as a campus area network.
    • Role of Ge and Si substrates in higher-k tetragonal phase formation and interfacial properties in cyclical atomic layer deposition-anneal Hf1-xZrxO2/Al2O3 thin film stacks 

      Dey, Sonal; Tapily, Kandabara; Consiglio, Steven; Clark, Robert D.; Wajda, Cory S.; Leusink, Gert J.; Woll, Arthur R.; Diebold, Alain C. (Journal of Applied Physics, 2016)
      Using a five-step atomic layer deposition (ALD)-anneal (DADA) process, with 20 ALD cycles of metalorganic precursors followed by 40 s of rapid thermal annealing at 1073 K, we have developed highly crystalline Hf1-xZrxO2 ...
    • Routing Protocols for MANETs 

      Muchintala, Priyanka Reddy; Hash, Larry; Advisor (2016-08)
      This technology case study focuses on the routing protocols used in mobile ad-hoc networks. For any wireless ad-hoc network, routing is the main concept. Proactive and reactive routing protocols are two such approaches. ...
    • Safety and efficacy of megakaryocytes induced from hematopoietic stem cells in murine and nonhuman primate models 

      Guan, Xin; Qin, Meng; Zhang, Yu; Wang, Yanan; Shen, Bin; Ren, Zhihua; Ding, Xinxin; Dai, Wei; Jiang, Yongping (Stem Cells Translational Medicine, 2016)
      Because of a lack of platelet supply and a U.S. Food and Drug Administration-approved platelet growth factor, megakaryocytes have emerged as an effective substitute for alleviating thrombocytopenia. Here, we report the ...
    • Scalable fabrication of coupled NV center - photonic crystal cavity systems by self-aligned N ion implantation 

      Schröder, Tim; Walsh, Michael; Zheng, Jiabao; Mouradian, Sara L.; Li, Luozhou; Malladi, Girish; Bakhru, Hassaram; Lu, Ming; Stein, Aaron; Heuck, Mikkel; Englund, Dirk (2017, 2017)
      Towards building large-scale integrated photonic systems for quantum information processing, spatial and spectral alignment of single quantum systems to photonic nanocavities is required. Here, we demonstrate spatially ...
    • Secure Routing in Mobile Ad-hoc Networks 

      Jadhav, Sumedh; Hash, Larry; Adviser (2016-05-01)
      The detailed study investigates the various problems faced by Mobile Ad hoc Networks because of their inherent characteristics. The characteristics make these networks vulnerable to various attacks. The attack known to be ...