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    • High Performance Distributed Big File Cloud Storage 

      Shakelli, Anusha; Sengupta, Sam; Adviser; White, Joshua; Reviewer (2016-05-01)
      Cloud storage services are growing at a fast rate and are emerging in data storage field. These services are used by people for backing up data, sharing file through social networks like Facebook [3], Zing Me [2]. Users ...
    • Honoring Our Past While Preparing Our Future 

      Yeigh, Bjong Wolf (2013-06-01)
      Self-Study Design presented to the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, June 2013
    • How Can a University Approach the Construction of a Blog Space For Use as a Recruiting Tool? 

      Washburn, Teresa M.R. (2006-08-01)
      This case study examines the social construction of a blog space to recruit prospective students. The blog space initially created by SUNYIT is examined and compared with other existing blog spaces at accredited universities ...
    • How Colleges Have Responded to Changes In Student Recruitment as Defined By Their Level of Web Definition on Their Official College Web Sites 

      Ayouch, Karen (2007-08-01)
      Increased competition amongst colleges, advances in technology and the changing wants and needs of the target market has influenced colleges to expand their marketing techniques globally through the use of the World Wide ...
    • How Decisions Are Made When Creating Information Design Exhibits for Museums 

      Yahnke, David R. (2008-12-01)
      This case study illustrates how and when decisions are made during the creative process occurring within two cultures: Graphic Designers and Museum Exhibitors. This study investigates the pre-visual creative process and ...
    • How is GIS used in a Community College Setting for Architectural Identification 

      Judycki, Brian (2005-05-01)
      This case study analyzes how students use an Architectural Identification GIS Application in a community college setting.
    • HR Management Interview Report and Presentation 

      Alvarado, Deanna (2020 Student Project Showcase, SUNY Polytechnic Institute, 2020-04)
      I am presenting my Human Resource Interview Project to the student showcase submitted for my Human Resource Management class. The assignment was to ask a manager what are some of the human resource issues that they and ...
    • Human Resources Interview Project 

      Sinisgalli, Carla; Berardino, Lisa, Advisor (2020 Student Project Showcase, SUNY Polytechnic Institute, 2020-04)
      This presentation reports and reflects on an interview I conducted with a Human Resources Director at a local agency. It highlights the strengths and weaknesses of the department as well as recommendations I made based on ...
    • Human Resources: Problems and Solutions 

      Scheve, Andrew (2020 Student Project Showcase, SUNY Polytechnic Institute, 2020-04)
      An interview-based report in which a financial institution branch manager responds to questions regarding Human Resources issues they face in their role. Interview questions and answers are followed with my personal ...
    • The Hybrid Course Experience 

      Thompson, Jonathan M (2005-05-01)
      This phenomenology analyzes the experience of students and teachers in hybrid (blended) courses in a community college and a university located in central New York.The Constructivist Learning Theory is applied to the hybrid ...
    • Hypertextual Teaching in a TiddlySpace Educational Environment 

      Shaw, Jason (2013-05-01)
      This thesis project uses first-hand observation and academic inquiry to inform the design and implementation of a hypertext-capable alternative online learning system in an open source wiki, called TiddlySpace. This system ...
    • Image Processing In F# 

      Odoi, Kaia; Andriamanalimanana, Bruno; Advisor; Novillo, Jorge; Reviewer; Sengupta, Sam; Reviewer (2017-05-01)
      Image searching is an essential feature of many software applications. Histograms can be used to represent the pixel color intensities of images. Measuring the similarities between images by comparing the histograms can ...
    • The Impact of Staff Development on Middle School Technology Integration 

      Scalisi, Regina (2005-05-01)
      This case study describes the impact of technology staff development in two Central New York Middle Schools. The staff development program was implemented under the federally funded Enhancing Education Through Technology ...
    • Importance of growth direction in mid-infrared quantum cascade lasers 

      Bouzi, Pierre M.; Chiu, YenTing; Deutsch, Christoph; Dikmelik, Yamac; Song, Yu; Tokranov, Vadim; Oktyabrsky, Serge; Gmachl, Claire (Journal of Applied Physics, 2014)
      We report on the effect of growth direction on the performance of mid-infrared Quantum Cascade lasers. The design used has a symmetric active core, capable of operating under both negative and positive polarities, which ...
    • The Influence of College Web Sites on the College Selection Process 

      Basi Raab, Maryrose (2005-12-01)
      This case study examines the use and influence of college web sites by high school seniors as they move through the college selection process through interviews, directed observations, and focus groups. It discovers and ...
    • The Influence of the DVD format on the College Selection Process 

      Lanagan, Douglas F (2011-01-01)
      This case study centers on the role of the DVD format in regards to the decision making process about selecting a college. This study centers on the possible role that a DVD could play in that selection process, and what ...
    • Information Design and Technology 

      Ossowski, Candice (2004-05-01)
      This case study analyzes the effects of transforming a static HTML-based website into a dynamic database-driven one. As part of the study, a small computer company’s static website was redesigned, making it dynamic and ...
    • Integrating Information and Communication Tools Effective Strategies for the Classroom 

      Phan, Thuc (2013-05-01)
      This project presents effective strategies for integrating information and communication tools (ICTs) within a class. Three major goals that suggest effective implementation of ICTs are, enhancing education by meeting the ...
    • Interchange 31A, Oneida County Towns of New Hartford and Whitestown: CTC 490, Fall 2016 

      Arner, Mark; Faculty for Course; SUNY Poly Elite Engineering Design (SPEED) (2016-12-01)
      SUNY Poly Elite Engineering Design, better known as SPEED, has recently been awarded a contract through the New York State Thruway Authority in order to perform the task of creating a new New York State Thruway Interchange ...
    • Interface 

      Smith, Milt; Publisher (SUNY College of Technology at Utica/Rome., 1990-02-01)
      Interface is the Employee Newsletter for SUNY Polytechnic Institute, formerly SUNY IT and SUNY College of Technology at Utica/Rome, and features news from campus including major events, initiatives, and accomplishments.