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    • GAMES THAT CAN SAVE LIVES Designing the next generation NYCAMH safety game 

      VanDusen, Michael (2012-06-01)
      Abstract not present in the Thesis
    • Gamification & 21st Century Digital Learning 

      Galimore, Zipporah; Yucel, Ibrahim; Thesis Advisor; Stam, Kathryn; Second Reader (2018-05)
      Gamification application to instructional methodologies could enhance learning when appropriately implemented. Current research suggests several instructional design principles support principles of gamification. Experts ...
    • Gamification of Mobile Fitness Applications for Newly Diagnosed Multiple Sclerosis Patients 

      Coupe, Brian (2016-01)
      We can think of our life with mobile technology as a constant classroom and learning environment. Mobile Fitness is a prototype application which will be used by newly diagnosed Multiple Sclerosis patients. The application ...
    • ?Generic Datasets, Beamforming Vectors Prediction of 5G Celleular Networks 

      Singh, Manjit; Kholidy, Hisham A.; Advisor (SUNY Polytechnic Institute, 2020)
      The early stages of 5G evolution revolves around delivering higher data speeds, latency improvements and the functional redesign of mobile networks to enable greater agility, efficiency and openness. The millimeter-wave ...
    • Genesis II: 1977 

      McMonagle, Fred, Editor; Harris, Jack, Head Photographer; McKenna, Tom, Layout Coordination; Robinson, Paul, Promotion; Lewis, Kent, Dark Room Set-Up; Tornatore, Maryann, Secretary; Maurawski, Carol, Proofs and Sales; Berman, Bill, Advisor (1977-05-01)
    • Genesis Yearbook: 1978 

      Harris, Jack; Editor; Westlake, Eileen; Assistant Editor; Pane, Joe; Head Photographer; Farney, Charlie; Photographer; Ferguson, John; Photographer; Simons, Ken; Photographer; Ferraro, Sharon; Advertising (1978-05-01)
    • Genesis Yearbook: 1980 

      Scalzo, Nancy Lee; Editor; Johnson, Cory; Assistant Editor; Massaro, Gail; Head Photographer; Irizarry, Frank; Sports Editor; Sick, Terry; Photographer; Zarbo, Greg; Photographer; Munro, Maggie; Layout and Copy; Montgomery, Beth; Layout and Copy (1980-05-01)
    • Genesis Yearbook: 1981 

      Kearney, Chris; Editor; Nicholson, Judy; Managing Editor; Thompson, Glen; Photographer; Frisch, Danny; Photographer; Fitzgibbons, Colleen; Photographer; Hovancik, Joanne; Photographer (1981-05-01)
    • Genesis Yearbook: 1982 

      Hamel, Mary Lou; Editor; Canastra, Thomasina; Editor; Frisch, Daniel; Photographer; Spain, Patricia; Layout Manager; Schlicht, Nanette; Layout Coordinator; Bigsby, Nancy; Divider Page Designer; Stuhlinger, Glory; Cover Designer (1982-05-01)
    • Genesis Yearbook: 1990 

      Hart, Chris; Co-Editor; Myer, Carol Ann; Co-Editor; Smorol, Michele; Marketing Manager; Matusiak, Chuck; Photo Coordinator (1990-05-01)
    • Genesis Yearbook: 1991 

      Vogel, Pam; Editor; Raymo, Steve; Layout Coordinator; Lavin, Pat; Photography; Goodstein, Debbie; Layout Staff; Lord, John; Layout Staff (1991-05-01)
    • Genesis Yearbook: 2006 

      Sharp, Martin; Senior Editor; Tucker, Bianca; Junior Editor; Pilbeam, Adam W.; Layout Designer; Grillo, Joseph; Photographer; Shah, Dipen; Photographer; Nonemaker, Scott; Advisor (2006-05-01)
    • Genesis Yearbook: 2007 

      Sharp, Martin; Senior Editor; Anaya, Allison; Junior Editor; Roberts, Chris; Layout Designer; Pilbeam, Adam; Photographer; Nonemaker, Scott; Advisor (2007-05-01)
    • Genesis Yearbook: 2008 

      Smerka, Michael; Senior Editor; Cabral, Stephanie; Junior Editor; Bellegarde, Brian; Line Editor; Kull, Michael; Photographer (2008-05-01)
    • Genesis Yearbook: 2009 

      Smerka, Mike; Senior Editor; Cabral, Stephanie; Junior Editor; Breeding, Michael; Photographer; Jones, Kevin; Photographer; Jones, Tyler; Photographer; Trotman, Stefan; Photographer (2009-05-01)
    • Genesis: 1975 

      Das, Arun, Editor in Chief; King, Karin, Assistant Editor; Loney, Mary, Assistant Editor and Business Manager; Latona, Alan, Advisor (1975-05-01)
      1975 Genesis Yearbook for State University College at Utica/Rome
    • Genesis: 1976 

      Pacilio, Alfred; Editor; Weeks, Gary; Senior Portraits; Williams, Ruth; Artist; Williams, Alice; Artist; Williams, Ruth; Endsheets; Johnson, David; Historian; Gage, Jean; Writer; Riley, Claire; Writer; Snyder, Nancy; Writer (1976-05-01)
      Genesis yearbook of upper division college of Utica, N.Y.
    • Genesis: 1979 

      Westlake, Eileen; Editor; Russo, Laura; Assistant Editor; Pane, Joe; Head Photographer; Farney, Charlie; Photographer; Ferguson, John; Photographer; Kayn, Larry; Art Work; Troha, Frank; Art Work; McKenna, Tom; Layout coordination (1979-05-01)
    • Genesis: 1984: As the Seasons Change So Do We 

      Wagner, Lisa, Editor; Gilman, Kellie; Editor; Hjelset, Nanette; Seniors Section Editor; Celano, Kevin; Special Events and Candid Photographs Section Editor; D'Andretti, Enzo; Sports Section Editor; Schanz, Tom; Photographs Section Editor; Wickham, Faith; Faculty and Staff Section Editor; Ulrich, Sue; Advisor; Keymer, David; Advisor (1984-05-01)
    • Genesis: 1985 

      Wickham, Faith; Editor; Celano, Kevin; Editor; Robinson, Kathy; Rowe, Martha; Simon, Kelvin; Pietropaulo, Tony; Vitalo, Jim (1985-05-01)