SUNY is dedicated to educating the next generation of New York State teachers and school administrators with a focus on clinical experience to produce top-quality education professionals.

The preparation of effective teachers and school leaders depends not only on Teacher Education faculty, but also on the content expertise of Arts and Sciences faculty and in-service educators and school leaders throughout the state.

The SUNY Teacher and Leader Education Network (S-TEN) is a statewide professional development network comprised of SUNY's higher education faculty and P-12 educators working together to advance continuous education renewal. This work focuses on developing a knowledge base and application strategies for the Common Core Learning Standards, clinically rich teacher preparation, New York State certification assessments, and the use of P-20 Data-Driven Decision Making to graduate the highest quality teachers in the nation.

Collections in this community

  • Clinically Rich Preparation [14]

    This collection provides materials and resources related to clinical educator preparation such as developming program components, techniques for implementation, partnerships, induction and mentoring.
  • Common Core Learning Standards (CCLS) [6]

    This collection includes curriculum, professional development materials and other resources developed by S-TEN partners to assist with the implementation of the Common Core Learning Standards.
  • Data Driven Decision-Making [4]

    S-TEN partners developed a knowledge base and application strategy in each of the areas of the Regent Reform Agenda. These areas include Common Core Learning Standards, teacher preparation and data-driven instruction to ...
  • Educator Certification Assessments [8]

    This collection includes materials and resources to assist with the preparation of teacher and school building leader candidates for the New York State Certification Examinations.
  • Literature Review [6]

    This collection is a compilation of research-based literature examining various aspects of the teaching profession including recruitment, selection, cultural competence continuing professional development and building leadership.

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