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    • Genetic transformation of Switchgrass plants with FNR-FLD flavodoxin genes for drought resistance and salt tolerance 

      Wang, Leiting; Snare, Melissa; McMaster-Schuyler, Lynda; Zeng, Peiyu (2018-05)
      Switchgrass (Panicum virgatum L.) is a warm-grass native to North America’s prairies. It is a common forage grass and high potential biofuel crop. To produce the maximum number of biofuels, the switchgrass plants must have ...
    • Why Choose Coffee? 

      Burgess, Nathaniel; Dyer, Alexis (2016)
      Whether you view it as part of the daily routine, the fuel that keeps your body running, or one of life's simple pleasures, coffee is without a doubt a prominent part of American culture. Interested in what drives coffee ...