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    • Hill Whispers: Student and Alumni News - 1960's 

      Unknown author (New York State Institute of Agriculture and Home Economics, 1960's)
    • Homophobia in non-heterosexuals and their families 

      Hermans, Merel Mireille (2016)
      Homophobia and the involvement of other sexual orientations other than heterosexuality remain poorly understood in evolutionary psychology. This research extends Gallup's 1995 research, in which people were found to respond ...
    • Human 2'-O-ribose methyltransferases and the oxidative stress response 

      Simonelli, Katherine; Seaman, Jessica; Rose, Rebecca E; Fabris, Daniele; Endres, Lauren (2016)
      Exposure to environmental toxicants that induce reactive oxygen species (ROS) can damage DNA, proteins and lipids to promote diseases such as cancer. ROS detoxification processes mitigate oxidative stress-induced damage ...
    • “I,” the Technological Post-human? 

      Wawrzynski, Lindsey; McVicker, Jeanette, Dr. (2015)
      What is post-humanism? A question that cannot be completely and fully answered by anyone at this moment in time. Post-humanism is not a simple, straight forward topic nor is it a well-defined line in the way humans think. ...
    • Identification of nuclear export mechanisms of myosin IC 

      Gosy, Victoria A. (2016)
      Myosin IC (MyoIC) is a member of the myosin superfamily that plays an important role in dynamic nuclear processes such as transcription and chromosome translocation. But how the nuclear functions of MyoIC are regulated, ...
    • Imagery in the Congo: Provocative and Emotional Elements Forward the Movement 

      Hutchings, Meredith (2016)
      The brutal exploitation of people and resources carried out in the Congo Free State (1885-1908) led to the Congo Reform Movement, a broadly successful international humanitarian movement. The success of this movement owed ...
    • The Impact of Cognitive Executive Function on Self-Correction and Verbal Fluency in Preschoolers 

      Lawrence, Imani; Gomez, Angelis; Andersen, Rebecca; Bancroft, Emily; O’Rourke, Elisabeth; Halpern, Leslie (2016)
      Few studies explore language self-corrections as a form of self-regulation in children. The current study expands on existing research by examining the relationship between executive functioning and self-corrective behaviors ...
    • The Impact of REM Sleep on Academic Performance 

      Gifford, Caleb; Corbett, Amy, Dr. (2019-04)
    • Implementation of a Wideband Spectrum Sensing Algorithm Using a Software-Defined Radio (SDR) 

      Robertson, Max; Bkassiny, Mario. Dr. (2016)
      Implementation of a Wideband Spectrum Sensing Algorithm using a Software Defined Radio (SDR). Max Robertson, Prof. Mario Bkassiny This project consisted of implementing an autonomous algorithm that would be able to sense ...
    • The Improvement of Coffee Beans to Simulate Kopi Luwak 

      Chen, Jiayu.; Dong, Hao.; LaRochelle, Sophie.; Ouyang, Honglin.; Tang, Hanyue.; Zhou, Xin.; Wells, Sean.; McMaster-Schuyler, Lynda, Dr. (2015-04)
      The Civet Cat of family Viverridae is used to produce a rare coffee product called Kopi Luwak. As a result of Kopi Luwak’s increasing popularity, Civet Cat abuse is prevalent. Our research aims to recreate Kopi Luwak by ...
    • In the Lyme Light 

      Thayne, Noah; Vaghy, Eniko (2015)
      Lyme disease is a tick-borne disease that has reached epidemic proportions in the Northeastern United States. Students from SUNY Broome Community College have developed an original documentary on the impact of Lyme disease ...
    • The Indirect Detection of Liquid Water in Extrasolar Protoplanetary Disks 

      Terzolo, Anthony J.; Fogerty, Shane; Morris, Melissa A. (2016)
      Phyllosilicates are hydrous minerals that form through the interaction of rock and liquid water. Phyllosilicates are found in abundance in certain types of meteorites originating from the asteroid belt, providing evidence ...
    • Inducing RNAi of dpy11 and bli-1 genes in C. elegans 

      Jiang, Yunru.; Yang, Siyuan.; Guan, Jinming.; McMaster-Schuyler, Lynda, Dr. (2015-04)
      RNA interference (RNAi) is a biological process in which RNA molecules block gene expression, typically by causing the destruction of specific mRNA molecules. C. elegans is an excellent model system to study because many ...
    • An Introductory Guide to Goats 

      Kilpatrick, Cameron (2017)
    • Johnson, Kayla - Allure 

      Johnson, Kayla (2018)
    • Kang, Seo-Yong - Say Hi 

      Kang, Seo-Yong (2018)
    • Karim, Ryan - Mint Detailing 

      Karim, Ryan (2018)
    • Keep Calm and Wash Your Hands! 

      Bajwa, Maria; Bodie, Myriah; Brown, Lisa; Larson, Taylor; Yoest, Jacob; McLain, Kimberly, Dr. (2016)
      According to the CDC up to 80% of diseases/transmission of diseases can be prevented by proper hand hygiene following guidelines approved by the CDC. The present study was undertaken by students from a Medical Assisting ...
    • Knowledge of Advance Directives in Our Community 

      Grasso, Trinity (2016)
      Advance directives are a significant part of the healthcare community but are often overlooked. This form is a written out healthcare plan that outlines medical decisions that the patient would or would not like to receive ...