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    • Abstracture, The Abstraction Of Architecture And Space: MFA Thesis - Painting and Drawing 

      Long, Brooke (2016-05)
      If a room or space can alter how we feel, if our feelings are affected by the color of the walls, the shape of a door, the design of the wallpaper, what will happen to us in places we experience or inhabit?
    • Actions and Responses: MFA Thesis - Painting 

      O'Hara, Colleen (2016-05)
      My process in the studio challenges notions of control versus chance. I work with fluid acrylic paint and inks applied to paper through pouring, throwing and dripping. I do this to maximize the spontaneity of the material ...
    • AlterPieces: MFA Thesis - Metal 

      Williams, Amy (2014-05)
      Focusing on the intertwining themes of fantasy, identity, and value, this thesis uses jewelry to explore the role of the alter ego. Participants were invited to share stories and descriptions of alternate identities arising ...
    • Asiaticoside : MFA Thesis - Painting and Drawing 

      An, Junmo (2014-05)
      I am wandering around the things that intrigue me, the beginning of maturation, the remains of life—such as ashes and bones, the objects that link our lives with our deaths. I walk on, like a column of ants. I feel something ...
    • Captain's proLOGue : MFA Thesis - Painting and Drawing 

      Weaver, Jana K (2014-05)
      By developing a greater awareness of the subtle changes outside and inside of myself, can I come to better understand my interdependence with all humans, flora and fauna? Developing a practice that incorporates these ...
    • Counting clouds, finding sheep: MFA Thesis - Painting & Drawing 

      Willette, Corina (2020-05)
      In play, time slips away. Visual allusions occur, your mind broadens allowing new realities. These analog virtual-realty artworks — created initially for interior spaces — ended up “going out to play”. Once outside… they ...
    • Heart Math: MFA Thesis - Painting 

      Pacione, Andrea (2017-05)
      Pacione is a Hudson Valley native artist best known for oil paintings described as Abstract-Surrealism, or Surrealist-Abstraction, as well as surrealist and stream-of-consciousness poetry performance. Internal landscapes ...
    • Home/Sweet Home: MFA Thesis - Painting & Drawing 

      Moneymaker, Sara (2018-05)
      Home/Sweet Home explores human presence and absence by calling attention to what is not there. This series of paintings explore the profound loneliness of abandoned interior spaces. Themes revolve around how an environment ...
    • Life on the Hudson, A Shad's-Eye View: MFA Thesis - Painting and Drawing 

      Miller, Edward Bear (2016-05)
      The four canvases in the thesis exhibition interweave my notions of river life and human consciousness. They demonstrate a love for oil painting and the history of art while calling into question aesthetic conventions and ...
    • Meandering progression: MFA Thesis - Drawing & Painting 

      Loveszy, Rosa (2019-05)
      Observation of interior organic forms and microscopic environments inspired my interest the correlation between macro and microstructures in the universe. The flow of movement and material in natural settings, whether large ...
    • Mise-en-scène : MFA Thesis - Painting and Drawing 

      Coté, Amy (2014-02-27)
      My work is an amalgam of personal experience, imagined narratives and a subconscious response to the infinite, available currents of information and imagery present in our world today. It celebrates color, humor and the absurd.
    • Rock paper scissors: MFA Thesis - Painting & Drawing  

      Strauss, Sharon (2019-05)
      For me, making art is a ritualistic process bound up in observations of the material world. It speaks to my desire to interpret the world around me. How can spaces we consider "ordinary" allow an opportunity for transcendence? ...
    • Rules of Disorder: MFA Thesis - Painting and Drawing 

      Nomer, Emily T. (2018-05)
      Rules of Disorder is a composition painted in acrylic paints on 13 wood panels, overall dimension 64" x 92", inspired by line 116 of Hesiod's Theogony: "Truly at first Chaos came to be".
    • Seams: The wall, The body, The land, MFA Thesis - Painting and Drawing 

      Ozeri, Michal (2017-05)
      The world is full of seams. Seams that split and bind our society, open and stitch up gaps between us. Borders that are transient and enduring, able to be minimized and expanded, mobile and static. They can be ripped, ...
    • Singing For the Mute: MFA Thesis - Painting and Drawing 

      Rony, Chantie (2016-05)
      The Silent Song, the body of works in my thesis exhibition, intends to praises the lyric quality of nature and also implies a duality – the melancholy and ephemerality hidden behind the seeming serenity or vitality of the ...
    • Sweat Equity: MFA Thesis - Painting & Drawing 

      Little, Christian (2015-05)
      My work examines a voyeur culture preoccupied with sex, drama and the lives of others. It is not my intention to offer a representation of “reality”, but a simulation of an imagined actuality. The nature of this contradiction ...